Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bugsy back in his element

     Got to the hospital this afternoon to pick up young Bugsy, whose numbers seem better or at least stable. The vet tech explained that the Bugster has been really “feisty” since the morning, meowing and even playing in his cage. When he was finally brought out to us, he was feisty all right—so much so that he pulled off the bandage over his IV wound. He started bleeding all over the place. But it was no biggie.
     As soon as Annie put the boy in my old jacket and against her chest, he went from feisty to calm and sleepy. It was amazing. He seemed to fall into a coma. On the road, we started to worry about the guy, tried to get him to open his eyes. He did a little, but opened them wide when we finally pulled off Live Oak to Lambrose Canyon, where the road gets bumpy and slow. He knew he was back home.
     When we let him inside my folks' home, he immediately owned the place. He stretched and checked out his old toys. My mom was ecstatic. “He’s so happy!” she kept saying. And he was. He soon made his rounds, rubbing his little tail on everybody’s legs, going from room to room, exploring the closet, inspecting his food bowl. He sure is an independent little guy.
     The boy was back in his element, and it was good. We all rejoiced quietly. We were very happy, at least for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you got your Bugsy back. Wonder how much all that cost. No duobt a small fortune.

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