Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Irvine Valley College, 1979—and a small mystery

A portion of a photo found on IVC then and now (Pinterest), c. 1979
(Who are these people?)
In the background, middle: the unfinished Clock Tower.
Golly, about 34 years ago
A portion of another cool photo found on IVC then and now. Circa 1978.
(Who is this woman?)
A detail. Check out the apparent structures far in the background, just right of center.
A shed (or barn) to the left? A barn or home to the right?
Closeup of the apparent structures. What are they?
I believe that the property upon which IVC was built was previously owned by the Irvine Company.
A nice little mystery.

Can you make this out?
This image is also from "IVC then and now," circa early 80s(?).
Note the residential development at the top of the photo and the temporaries to the right of the A Quad.
A detail, concentrating on the A Quad. The approximate "point of view" of the 1978 photo (see above) is indicated with the arrow. The image doesn't seem to solve the mystery.
A contemporary satellite photo again showing the A Quad and the approximate POV of the 1978 photograph.
Yet another image from IVC then and now.
The temporaries are not yet present. Neither is the residential development. So perhaps this is early: c. 1979.
I can find no structures along the line of the "POV." Perhaps, by then, they had been razed.
Note the absence of high tension power lines.
And yet another. The Irvine campus was known as Saddleback "North" until it attained autonomy and acquired its present name in 1985.
During the period from 1979-1985, Saddleback College was called "Saddleback College South Campus."


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Just terrific - keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

The IVC website is all funky.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is. Perhaps they are trying to update it. Certainly new pics of students are needed.

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