Friday, May 17, 2013

YOUTHpreneur camps at IVC, home of cockamamie kiddie inventions, bouncie houses, and blue-'n'-white balloons!

     Rebel Girl just called to turn me on to this curious "camp" opportunity, advertised at the IVC website.
     YOUTHpreneur camps? Are you kidding?
     Nope, they aren't kidding.
     I noticed a link to another site:

     Gosh, the Go-To Info dude is none other than Dan Scott, the clever probie with whom IVC President Glenn Roquemore (and family) vacationed a while back. (Naturally, Dan had no problem at all winning tenure.) No conflict-of-interest there, no sir!
     I told the Reb that we should modify these silly ads, adding "Hitler" to "Youth," that sort of thing. She didn't seem to think that was a good idea.

     How 'bout GELTpreneur camps? YOUNG REPUBpreneur camps? YUTEpreneur camps? GALOOTpreneur camps?
     Aincha proud? Once again, as far as Glenn Roquemore and his pals are concerned, IVC isn't a college. It's an anti-college.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know which classrooms are reserved for this activity at the expense of other students during the (hot) summer. I expect I will teach in a windowless classroom whose AC sometimes works and sometimes does not. What about the camp kids? Is there anyway to find out? Community Ed programming has always been a bit sus, but I want to know if their needs take precedence over the our summer students.

Anonymous said...

The community ed classes must use the community ed buildings and designated classrooms. That's my understanding anyway. Yeah, this kind of thing is pretty cheesy.

Anonymous said...

Something ugly happens when people force word combinations like "YOUTHprenuer."

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