Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some Sunday pics

     I'm only writing this because the alternative is grading final exams. You know how that is.

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     I visited downtown Orange today. Noticed these two restaurants on Chapman Ave., not far from the train tracks. I think that's a "Wahoo's" to the left. I popped into the place at the right; seemed nice.
     I looked it up: the place at right is "Linx artisan sausage." I found their Facebook page, which includes the following pic:

     Well, I'm a vegetarian, so I think I'll stick with Wahoo's—or, better yet, Rutabegorz, just down the street.
264 N. Glassell
     Still, I love it when they take these old downtown places and turn them into restaurants. My favorite downtown Orange restaurant is Gabbi's. As seen from the street, it's nondescript, even unmarked. (Find it on the south end of the Orange Plaza area, near Muff's Antiques.) But inside: Ganz prima!

The Gabster
     Three blocks to the south: Kathie and I lived in this house, built in 1903, about twenty years ago. It sits between downtown and Hart Park. It's lookin' pretty good.
     Some old man stopped by one day and said the house was once a house of "ill repute."
     Guess so.

     This is the place across the street, built in the 1880s, as I recall. The lady who lived there was sick all the time. Kathie was invited inside once. She said it's pretty funky inside, I think.
     The place is haunted.

     The old post office on Chapman and Lemon. It was one of those old post offices slated for decommissioning—or whatever it's called when they cut it loose. But they backed off of that plan.

     While I was in town, I dropped into one of my antique haunts and scored this cool old Pyrex bowl for 8 or 9 bucks. I love old glass.

     (Recently, I also bought a pair of seriously cool "cat" bookends. They're not antiques, but they're nice anyway. Here's one of 'em.)

     Came across this ersatz shrine (we noted it previously) to that poor girl who was murdered a week or two ago. It's along Santiago Boulevard, near Modjeska Canyon. What's with the flags? I guess she was a vet.

     Just a couple of trees I noticed along the road up in Modjeska Canyon. I love eucalyptus trees. As I recall, they were imported from Australia to serve as windbreaks for the orange groves and such.
     I recall, as a kid (c. 1963), walking along rows of 'em, breaking apart the leaves, enjoying that lemony smell. (Those were a different variety, I think.)

    This is "the tree" along the road, recently yammered about by Rebel Girl. It is indeed a fine tree. In a fine canyon.

     Mark dropped me a line, sending this pic of the two of us at Friday's Commencement.
     Mark's pretty quiet these days, but we've got him on one or two important committees, where he does good work.


Anonymous said...

Handsome guys.

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Nice. I really like the bookends.

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What's with the flags? Really, what's with this freedom?

P.S. Happy Memorial Day

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