Saturday, May 11, 2013

random end-of-semester images

 Things are pretty busy, and crazy, down at the IVC Writing Center and similar places around campus

Somebody, be a dear and explain this cartoon to Glenn.

 The original Saddleback Community College District Board of Trustees: seriously right-wing

 A100: time passes slowly down here in the valley

 The original site of Saddleback College

 We still don't know what this place is gonna be.
Tod and Glenn are still fighting over it

 A doodle from last semester, or even before that.
Things get crazy right about now.

 It's Orange County. People get mad when you show 'em factoids.

 SOCCCD Chancellor and colleagues: note the footwear

A tree out where Rebel Girl and Red Emma live.

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Anonymous said...

Note the cop in the background. Curious as to why SOCCCD leadership require ubiquitous coppers?

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