Sunday, March 10, 2013

The anti-science nation

Anti-scientism: both
conservative and liberal
• Mark Lynas: truth, treachery and GM food (The Guardian UK, Mar 9 13)
     Mark Lynas spent years destroying genetically modified crops in the name of the environment. Now he's told the world – and his fellow activists – that he was wrong. So why did he change his mind? And does he have any friends left? (here)

• Sunday Dialogue: Science and Politics Is anti-science sentiment threatening public health policy? (New York Times, Mar 9 13)

• THE SEED WARS (The New Yorker, Nov 2 12) - Listen to reason!

• SEE ALSO Even their confusion is confused (OC Blue Philosopher, Aug 1 09)
     ...Take farming. Liberals can generally be counted on to embrace “organic farming” and to reject “genetic modification” of foods (GM).
     First, just what is liberal about these stances? Do pesticides prevent free expression? Are science and technology the enemies of equality?
Listening to the science? Nope
     Now, in fact (see below), the organic farming philosophy is shot through with myth and fallacy; logically speaking, embrace of this philosophy is similar to the embrace of, say, alternative medicines or conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of JFK. File under “people thinking poorly.”
     GM foods? Again, the rejection of this technology depends largely on myth and fallacy. In fact, given the likely (and unfortunate and probably avoidable) facts of world population, a rejection of GM would be catastrophic....

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Anonymous said...

He changed his mind because his observations about the world were not in alignment with his ideology. GMO and nuclear energy are not the boogeymen he once thought.

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