Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Bugsy—Plus Stella and Hazel!

Today, I got to talking with a colleague who has two cats, Stella and Hazel. So we started trading cat stories. She's gonna send me some pics of her little angels. I'll post 'em.
I figured I'd take my camera over to my folks' place and take a few snaps of the Bugster, the cat we rescued back in November. He was just a kitten then.
 I don't have Photoshop these days (I'll get it eventually), so these are pretty raw. Still....
An action shot of the little Bugster, playing with a ping-pong ball.
Bugsy has been going through a phase involving incessant whining.
"What do you want, little man?"
He doesn't seem to know.
I think he wants me to take him outside, but when I take him out there he becomes a total brat, running into bushes and gopher holes, hiding under gazebos. Wadda brat.
My old dad yells at 'im some times, and Bugsy then runs off somewhere. He then attempts to repair his relationship with pop, bringing him bits of kibble, little toy bunnies, etc.
Works every time.
The photos have arrived!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful kitties!

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