Monday, January 21, 2013

Why, the cheek of the man!

     Gosh, I was skimming through the agenda outline (large pdf file) for tomorrow's BOT meeting and I noticed this:

     Trustee requests for reports are not unusual, but this is a cluster of three requests, and they're all coming from our spanking new trustee, Tim Jemal, who recently replaced Mike Meldau (who had replaced that rat bastard John Williams two years ago).
     Imagine the temerity of the fellow!
     Here are the details:

     It will certainly be interesting to see how our more senior trustees (er, senior trustees who can also be mighty prickly) will react to this bold display of initiative by this upstart Jemal. 
     I.e., I wonder if Nancy's pissed. 
     But what do I know. Maybe she's as pleased as punch. Hope so.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is this new guy assuming the trustees have been sitting on their hands all these years about partnerships, student mental health, etc? (Have they?)

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