Monday, January 7, 2013

Huell Howser, RIP

     • This just in from the OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano:

Remembering Huell Howser, Fan of OC Weekly, Lover of OC, Antagonist of OC Republicans

… All the pundits of the Golden State will weigh in on who Huell was, what Huell meant, blah blah blah. All I can offer are personal anecdotes that just shows what a generous, wonderful man the Tennessee native truly was, anecdotes involving two of my favorite things: the OC Weekly, and pissing off OC Republicans….

     • Back in April of 2006 (Huell Howser at Joe's Garage), we noted with amazement that Howser was the guest speaker at an IVC Foundation fundraiser:

Huell Howser at Joe's Garage
     The IVC Foundation is doin' up a fundraiser Tuesday night at "Joe's Garage" in Tustin. The Foundation comprises more than its share of conservative Republicans (Fuentes' crowd). So it's at least a little odd to discover that the inimitable Huell Howser (of California Gold fame) is the guest speaker. Golly!
     I wonder if those right-wingers know that Huell hosts another show, the environmentalist-friendly "California Green," or that Huell's "California Gold" is endorsed by the California Teachers Association(!), the California Federation of Teachers(!!), the California State Library Foundation (!!!), and the California Library Association(!!!!).
     I'd go to this shindig, but I don't wanna miss Tuesday night's California Gold, which has Huell visiting a Cheeze Whiz factory at the absolute geographical center of the state.


Anonymous said...

I knew Huell when I lived in Nashville..used to party and have drinks with him and John Tesh and Pat Sajak....we were young bucks enjoying life at Fridays! Nashville was young and a great city! Great guy...enjoyed his friendship and inspiration. Yes, the good die young!

Anonymous said...

I remember when he came to IVC years and years ago for that exhibit by the young Russian expat political cartoonist who the LA Times hired. It was back when the gallery was in the old A-300 building.

Anonymous said...

Always wondered what to make of him. But he did seem like a nice guy and I think his little videos have value.


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