Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our sidebar stories are simply the bomb

     Listen, are you people paying attention?
     For instance, have you noticed our seriously cool sidebar stories?
     Right now, over on the LEFT, we’ve got:

2001: the Faculty Association's Not-so-sweet Charity

     That one’s about the union Old Guard’s involvement in an orphanage that, at least back then, was, um, way scandal-ridden.
     Then, there’s

MORE old Saddlebackian stories

The latter includes:
1. The "Sea Mountain Valley Community College District"? - That’s about our district’s name. Then
2. We don't need no stinkin' “Gauchos” - about how Saddleback was originally saddled (hehe) with that awful mascot. Then there’s
3. Dress Codes, war protesters, phantom Hippies - self-explanatory, dude. Finally:
4. A mighty fortress is our Library - which concerns just how it came about that (until recently) the Saddleback College Library has no windows.
Next, there’s:

Early Saddleback College history: "faculty wives club" - which offers even more delightful stories about Saddleback College’s early days. Yes, there really was something called the "faculty wives club."

MEANWHILE, over on the right sidebar, we’ve got:

The Replacement Clock Tower Incident - which, um, is a fantasy, I guess. But it’s true, too.
     Then there’s
Right-wingers founded SOCCCD - which is actually more about “founding trustee” Hans Vogel, a man very much of his time and place, and that's not good.
     Finally, we’ve got
2003: IVC faculty ordered not to discuss the war - which explains how it is that, to this day (the policy was never rescinded), IVC has a policy according to which instructors (unless they get special permission, etc.) are forbidden to talk about the Iraq war in the classroom.
     You betcha.

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