Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Neanderthalic noise: Why, that Cave Man is our very own Don Wagner!

Here we come ... walkin' down the street ...
     This story caught our attention today:

GOP legislators propose California school districts arm teachers (LA Times)

     According to the Times,
     A group of Republican state lawmakers Wednesday proposed allowing school districts to spend education funds to train teachers, administrators and janitors in gun use. … [T]he lawmakers said arming school personnel would help protect campuses against violent intruders.
     "The idea is to create essentially an invisible line of defense around our kids," said Assemblyman and "tea party" adherent Tim Donnelly of San Bernardino….
. . .
     "With all due respect to my Republican colleagues, that [bill] is just absolutely ludicrous," [Democratic Sen. Leland] Yee said. "I don't know of any educator who would be interested in packing a gun into a school."
. . .
     "The goal of school safety is not to see who can win a gunfight … It is to prevent shootings in the first place and keep guns out of schools" [said Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance)].
     Donnelly … was once fined more than $2,200 for taking a loaded gun to Ontario International Airport….
     Among supporters of the bill are Republicans Diane Harkey of Dana Point and—you guessed it!—Don "Boom Boom" Wagner of Irvine.

     On a still lighter note, one of our colleagues offered the following suggestion for the name of the soon-to-be-built Barranca entrance to IVC: "Dissent the Road."
     That one cracked me up.

SEE ALSO Derek Reeve wants to arm teachers Dec 19, 2012


Anonymous said...

Oh that DON! Our gift to Sacto.

Anonymous said...

Half of the janitors are unstable and the other half will fire on their supervisors.

Anonymous said...

I take great pleasure in knowing that this piece of legislation and any other Don may promote has a very slim chance of passing with the new majority and that Wagner and his cronies will spend their time until term limited out spinning their wheels.

Anonymous said...

It's just red meat thrown at his base to show that he's Mr. Right Winger, doing the best he can against the godless liberal Democrats. It doesn't matter if it's proposed legislation that has any chance of passing.

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