Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm trying to park my car, and....

     Saddleback College and IVC personnel, students, et al.: let us know how PARKING goes for you today on this first day of the semester.
     Here's a shitty video for you to, um, enjoy:

 Worcester State Charges Students for Walking on Campus (Inside Higher Ed)
 As Yudof Steps Down, Major Challenges Lie Ahead for the U. of California System (Chronicle of Higher Education)

What's a "slider"?
What’s happening at the colleges (this week):
 Irvine Valley College Hosting 26th Annual "Astounding Inventions" Competition Saturday, January 26, 2013 (IVC)
 Flip Truck Food Truck (Saddleback)


Roy said...

For what it's worth, got to IVC at about 9:17, quickly found parking, got coffee, then some dryerase markers, and wasn't late to class at 9:30!

Anonymous said...

Day 2: parking was easy again today (for me).

Anonymous said...

Parking at IVC has been great - what is different?

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