Sunday, December 16, 2012

WORRY NOT: why the world won't end in five days (NASA)

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(Stupid people: click HERE instead.)

OK, if you buy into the "science" thing, then you are at worst poorly entertained by this particular pseudo-Mayan idiocy. If however, you're a Republican (or just a flake), you're likely living in fear, dreading the possibility of a premature end boldly identified by the mix of pop cultural snafu-ular mediation of ancient scribblings and the possibility of making rube-profit. (Meanwhile, you fear not the rise of the ocean, the depletion of ground water, and other evidence-based prophesies. Lout!) We invite you to join us with our candle in the dark, where we sit and plan well beyond late December, free of unnecessary anxiety, with old Spirit albums playing in the background.

From today's OC Register

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