Monday, June 25, 2012

Caspers was an "able public servant" and "a human being." Anything else? Tom Fuentes counted heads at the service.

     I unearthed an old Times article (“Caspers Eulogized as Uncommon Man in Political Arena,” Jul 16, 1974) that describes a memorial service for the “missing” supervisor Ronald W. Caspers and his two sons. It was held at “St. Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church” “in the hills above Corona del Mar.”
     According to the article, the eulogy was performed by personal friend Rev. G. William Grady, who described Caspers as “an uncommon man”:
     “He was not an average man,” Mr. Grady said, “but in his election to the Board of Supervisors, he found the true love of his life. His reelection in June placed him totally in public service.”
     Mr. Grady also reminder [sic] those attending that Caspers’ battle to obtain the 5,500-acre Starr-Viejo Ranch as a county regional park was typical of his love for the outdoors.
     “He wanted to share the bounties of life with everyone,” he said. “He was an outstanding student, a successful businessman, a loving son, husband and father, an able public servant and, above all, a human being.
     Tom Fuentes, Caspers’ chief executive assistant, estimated that 500 persons crowded the chapel, stood along the walls or listened outside to the memorial service.
     Oddly, “None of Caspers’ fellow supervisors was on hand” – though “all sent aides to the service….”

* * *
     I also dug up a Times piece (“Services Scheduled for Fred D. Harber,” Jul 19, 1974) announcing memorial services for Fred Harber, the political consultant upon whom “Dick and Doc” (Richard O’Neill and Dr. Louis Cella)—the crafty duo who, with campaign contributions, virtually controlled OC government at the time—relied.
     He too was missing after the apparent sinking of his yacht the “Shooting Star” in mid-June. None of the bodies of the ten passengers was ever found.
     The article mentions that, beyond serving as mayor of Buena Park and City Manager of Cypress, “Harber also developed the first shopping center in Buena Park as well as apartment complexes.” He served as consultant or manager of campaigns for Ralph Clark, Jerry Patterson, Jess Unruh, and various others.
     He was, of course, a close associate of Ron Caspers.
     He hailed from Seminole, Oklahoma.

What a guy from Oklahoma sounds like


Anonymous said...

Hey what about AZ 1070? Where's your article on how the loony left has failed, and how the Supreme Court must be racist?

Isn't this today's big headline?

Anonymous said...

Today's big headline is this: "Right Wing Idiot Embarasses Himself on Internet Blog."

It should not be actually news, you know, as regular life, but it must be pointed out.

Oh, Obama is a socialist Kenyan, so you know.

Anonymous said...

He's also the metrosexual genious boy imposter who keeps failing.

Anonymous said...

But above all, he's a Kenyan Socialist!

Who got rid of Bin Laden and saved GM!

Top that, Bain Boy!

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