Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conservative petition drive?

     Dan Chmielewski of the Liberal OC just posted about the BOT’s action, last night, to replace Tom Fuentes with Jim Wright:
Representing evil: Dave Lang
OC Conserverati Upset Over Fuentes Replacement on Community College Board
Chris notes that
     The conservative OC Political blog is calling for a petition drive to invalidate the appointment citing the appointment was made over the family’s objections. The family can object all they want, but the board is accountable to the voters and there is an election in just five months. This is misguided and if there’s such a hue and cry from the voters, they can have their voices heard in November at the ballot box.
     It does appear that Jolene Fuentes will be running against Wright in November. She'll have a lot to overcome; she'll need big money. She does have (as she said) "connections." But maybe she'll come to her senses and step away.
     To read about the petition drive, see: SOCCCD Appoints Fuentes Successor Over Family’s Objections; Will Petition Drive Launch to Invalidate Appointment?
     How serious a threat is this?
     Dunno. My guess? It ain't goin' nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Board President Nancy Padberg for steering the colleges and the district through this rough time. You have continued to set the SOCCCD on the right path. I am so so very sorry for the pain Ms. Fuentes must be feeling with regards to the loss of her husband. However, since a trustee on a community college board is not an inherited position, I admire your strength President Padberg. Please keep up the good work on behalf of our colleges.

Anonymous said...

Dave Lang - quisling, brown noser or just always wrong?

Anonymous said...

We finally have a Board that is mostly devoid (except for clueless Dave Lang) of political infighting.
The Board voted to appoint a replacement for Fuentes, and was within its rights to do so. (Lang was on the ass-end of the vote on that too 5-1 vote in favor of appointment) I'm sorry the Fuentes family feels slighted...truth is the majority of the college community members are happy to see Fuentes (and any future family members off the board). We'll all be better off when Lang is also gone....which constituant group does he claim to represent??????

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