Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scenes from a scholarship awards ceremony

Scenes from IVC’s 27th annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony, held this morning at the Irvine Valley College Performing Arts Center.
These photos, of course, taken by DtB.
For "official" photos see IVC’s Facebook page. Or try here.
CLICK on photos to enlarge them
The honorees seemed happy to be there. Big smiles.

Dean Karima Feldhus did a great job reading students' names. She's a great dean, too.

Spotted Beth and Melanie, the Reading Lab crew, in the audience
Vice President Gwen Plano--and a student veteran, I believe, in the foreground (in the lobby)
Gwen and Cindy

Rebel Girl marching past the Chief of Police--and Jerry R

Steve R, et al.

Summer and Kurt dropped by the office
Yep, that's my Robert Johnson poster
This is a scene from this morning's Honors Ceremony, out in the A-Quad.
That's Kay Ryals at left and Dean Kathleen Werle in the middle.
Brittany,  Reb,  Summer
I caught a snap of Dean Werle out in the A-Quad. Everyone seems to speak very highly of her.
Me, too.
When I dropped the Reb off at her home in Modjeska Canyon, I stopped to take this pic

Everybody is a star
I can feel it when you shine on me
I love you for who you are
Not the one you feel you need to be
Ever catch a falling star?
Ain't no stopping 'til it's in the ground
Everybody is a star
One big circle going round and round


Anonymous said...

Awesome Pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics. I like the mood you create.

Anonymous said...

Karima did a great job stepping in for Ilknur. I liked the way she was able to pronounce all the names - it made a big difference. I hope graduation will have someone who can do the same.

It's a special moment for the students and their families and I always cringe when we mangle the names no matter the good intentions of the announcer.

The names become a kind of joke, with a self-deprecating smile at the podium - ha ha ha.

But we can and should do better. Sometimes this place doesn't change because we are wedded to processes created long ago which worked then but do not now.

The processes need to grow with the college. Many have not. Few want to give up what they see as power. It's petty.

Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics and ceremony...enjoyed it all until I ran into this obnoxious Morley guy....kept yakkin about Mt.Sac. Hey, if it was so great go back we won't miss your attitude. Where's the civility Glenn??????

Anonymous said...

9:39 - So you met Richard... the guy is a real a..hole. He already has a horrible reputation on campus as a bully.
How do we keep hiring these clowns?
Was the hiring committee asleep or don't we bother to "vet" new hires?

Anonymous said...

The culture reproduces itself at the top. that's why Gwen is OUT (watch for others leaving). Morely is just like them - the old guys network, clowns, bullies, etc.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Thanks. I look forward to these every year.

Anonymous said...

Karima and Werly are outstanding administrators. They will need to move out from under the control freak to keep their reputations and to tolerate IVC. Watch the stampede of administrators applying for Gwen's post.

Will Glenn ever wake up?

Anonymous said...

That Dick Morley guy sure is a gasbag, huh?

Anonymous said...

Good pictures!
That's Gwen and Cindy, not a student. Cindy manages the cafeteria. She does a superb job.

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