Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A man utterly convinced of his own greatness

Fuentes directs from beyond (Frank Mickadeit; OC Reg)

Plainly, no one was more certain that he was an
important man than Tom himself. Consider his
latest production: his own funeral, fit for a king
     …I can remember Tom complaining one time that too many churches used "cheap" incense. "Good incense," he'd said, "comes from the Middle East."
     Years later, as it turns out, Tom was so concerned about having cheap incense at his funeral he felt he needed to go outside the Roman church for help. He tapped an Orthodox priest, Father Andrew Cuneo, to procure the "good" incense. Fuentes had helped fund Cuneo's seminary education, so Cuneo was happy to do so, even if it meant flying in from the East Coast and speeding to the funeral Wednesday morning at 80 mph to deliver the precious "good" incense with minutes to spare….


Anonymous said...

Alright. That now makes twelve (12) pieces on Fuentes. We understand some are reprints from other publications, but come on. Any disinterested thinking person can see there's an obsession with the guy. We think Roy needs some professional help.

Anonymous said...

You're the one obsessed, oh grand pooh-bah of trolls. Why don't you visit the red state blog and take attendance there? You'll find the Reagan death cult in full party mode! Followed closely by RN and yes, Tio Tom.

(Besides, if people didn't like the blog, they would't read it. Aside from you, of course. You need to get out more!)

PuzzleBoy said...

I'm sorry, but troll 9:52 is a real dumbfuck. Virtually all of the "pieces" about Fuentes on this blog have essentially been links to others' articles. Further, people in this district are very interested in Fuentes--after all, he has been a crucial trustee for about a decade.

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