Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trustees set to give themselves an "A"

     Looks like the board will be meeting on Saturday morning, at 9:00 a.m., to do their "self-evaluation":

Marcia Milchiker: “Gosh, I’m a biologist, you know. I seem to be medicated. May I have a D please?” ~ Dave Lang: “I’m the corrupt bastard who sold out my friends for Fuentes’ support. Smack me with an F, maybe even a G!” ~ Bill Jay: “ZZzzzzzzzzzz” (D) ~ Nancy Padberg: “I’ve been tossing the usual red meat, like tonight’s report on veterans. Pointless. Gimme a D.” ~ TJ Prendergast: “I’ll pretty much go along with the rest of ‘em, and they’re pretty clueless. I need a C to make it into CSUF.” ~ Frank Meldau: “I’ve been speaking up lately and I haven’t made a fool of myself yet. B?” ~ Tom Fuentes: “I attended one meeting in the past year. Gimme a no-show drop.” ~ The whole board: morale at the colleges is in the crapper and we have no idea whatsoever. Nor do we particularly care. What kind of meat did they order for dinner tonight?: D+

Here's the agenda for Monday's regular board meeting: Agenda for April 30 Board Meeting (beware: a large pdf file)

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