Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tom & Ron, 1973

Orange County Supervisor Ronald Caspers with executive aide Tom Fuentes, c. 1973
Tom Fuentes with VP Gerald Ford, c. 1973
Tom F and Chris C look to the future
Tom and the Duke


Sherry said...

Until now, these two have mostly been a name or crappy photograph. I guess you could say I'm less than impressed.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans are supposed to be racists as this blog often suggests, then why do you suppose they associated with Fuentes, a stereotypically looking Hispanic fellow?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the blog "suggests" that Republicans are racists, but it does seem that when an obviously racist perspective is made public, it's generally from a Republican. That's a far cry from a "suggestion" that "Republicans are racist."

But, consider this--with our current presidient, I and others have been sent many a racist joke/cartoon directed solely at Obama's race. From the watermelon patch at the White House, to the monkey picture representing his family, or the Federal Judge in Montana and his joke that Obama's father is really a dog, because that's what white women who have sex with black men also do, well--see a pattern?

Also, the party is glad to have a token to use, and who is delighted to be used. Fuentes has always been happy to carry water for the party, becuase it has enriched him plenty. Just follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Fuentes may be Hispanic, but not from these shores. He has always staunchly asserted that he is of Spanish origin. http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2010/08/orange_countys_five_most_self-.php

Anonymous said...

2:47, that article you referred to is just silly. To say someone is of “Mexican blood” is the same as saying a person is of “American blood.”

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