Sunday, February 19, 2012

“Employees were not even allowed to speak to each other”

One of Fuentes' boys
“The acting Public Administrator brought in to run [John Williams’] office in his place, Lucille Lyon, said in a recent court declaration that she is turning around ‘what was essentially a hostile work environment.’ Under Williams, she wrote, employees were not even allowed to speak to each other.”

'Detectives' for the dead: They solve mysteries left behind (OC Reg, 2/13/12)


Anonymous said...

John prefers the quieter approaches since handling the estates of the dead is a quietly discreet activity.

Anonymous said...

Nice irony. Williams is into bombast, like when he thought he pulled one over on the survivors of the Tapout guy--and so he boasted all over the courthouse how much money his office would make liquidating the estate, etc. That didn't turn out too well, though. The decision was reversed on appeal. That put him further in a hole.
This county is run by GOP dolts like Williams: incompetent, unscrupulous, and always willing to take more and more.

Watch: Republican leadership will now sink to a new and almost unimaginable low, defending a manifestly treasonous President

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