Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dueling TJs?

Young TJ
     A few weeks ago, we reported that ailing SOCCCD trustee Tom Fuentes managed, despite his condition, to swear in his son TJ as an alternate member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee.
     Near as I can figure, TJ is about 26 years old. Pretty young for politics, I’d say.
     But now we’re hearing that Tom is grooming that very kid to take over his seat on the SOCCCD Board of Trustees!
     Evidently, some people (with the initials BH) take this story seriously. I don’t. It’s one thing to have a kid on the OC GOP Central Committee. It’s quite another to put ‘em on a freakin’ college board that spends half a billion dollars of taxpayer money every year! I don’t buy it.
     According to this story, TJ would make his way on the board either through appointment or election.
     If this yarn comes to fruition, we'll have dueling TJs on the board.
Just TJ
     While we’re on the subject of board elections, four board seats are up for election in November: Bill Jay, Frank Meldau, David Lang, and Tom Fuentes. Jay’s been sick a lot lately: missed several meetings. But he’s back, I guess, though he doesn’t say much. He always looks to me like he needs to go home to get some sleep.
     Don’t know about Lang. Why one Earth would he want to remain on the board?
     Meldau has grown comfortable on the board, I think. I suspect (and hope) he’ll run.

Old TJ
     Saddleback College Poli Sci instructor Derek Reeve is in the news again, though only barely (New housing agency's chairman vows to end it):
     In the first meeting of the newly created San Juan Capistrano Housing Authority, City Councilman Derek Reeve was selected chairman and immediately said he will make it a goal to dissolve it.
. . .
     "If you can live with the rich irony that I hope one day to dissolve the agency, if you're OK with that, I'd be happy to do it," Reeve said before the four other council members, who also serve as Housing Authority commissioners, confirmed his chairmanship.
     Guess so. He didn't mention whether, as chairman, he'll plagiarize or ridicule Muslims.

     Former trustee and current Assemblyman Don Wagner is always in the news about something, even if it’s just the opening of a new drugstore in Tustin.
     A few days ago, a woman named Elizabeth Emken joined the crew of obscure Republicans who hope to challenge Dianne Feinstein in November, and she snagged Wagner's endorsement. (See.)

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Anonymous said...

If they appoint Tom Junior as a kind of parting gift to Tom Fuentes (which i do think they are capable of) then they won't have to spring for a new nameplate. It would be fiscally conservative.

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