Friday, February 3, 2012

Accreditation news

     Earlier this morning, denizens of Irvine Valley College received the following memo from IVC President Glenn Roquemore:

    I have just been informed that Irvine Valley College has been removed from its warning status and our accreditation is re-affirmed. We are required to submit a follow-up report on October 15, 2012, that addresses progress on recommendations 1 (District wide planning), 2 (Resource allocation),and 6 (Communication). The report will be followed with a visit by accjc staff.
    Congratulations to the chancellor, both colleges and district staff for the herculean effort that resulted in this favorable outcome.
     No word yet about Saddleback College, although, based on past experience, we  can reasonably expect that the news for our sister college will be good too.


Anonymous said...

Excellent news, and a testament to what's possible when we all work together toward the common good.

Anonymous said...

GREAT news - but why was I hearing such alarmist language about how our accreditation was in jeopardy because of the poor state of SLOs and how we are IVC were going to have to teach Saddleback curriculum?

Any insight on this?

It's hard to know who to believe....

Anonymous said...

I heard that too!

Now I'm confused. Happy to be re-accredited, but what's with all the doom and gloom talk regarding SLO compliance?

Anonymous said...

Because this follow- up report did not address SLOs - it only addressed a few narrow issues. In our Midterm Report we will need to discuss SLOs again.

Anonymous said...

But people were told explicitly that IVC Accreditation was in jeopardy.

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