Monday, December 19, 2011

SOCCCD: a raise for administrators and classified managers?

     Item 6.6 of the agenda (for the December 5 SOCCCD Board of Trustees meeting) was “organizational assessment for administrators and classified managers.” (See pp. 169-170)
     Yeah, that’s so helpful.
     It’s about salaries. Raises.
     The agenda page explains that a company was hired to assess, um, salaries, I guess, of SOCCCD managers and administrators.
     It goes on to say: “it was determined that a new integrated salary schedule is appropriate….” Upshot (I think): raises are appropriate.
     There’s a recommendation: “that the BoT approve the SOCCCD District Administrator Manager Salary Schedule as shown in Exhibit A.” I'm assuming that Exhibit A represents systematic raises, which, I believe, have long been delayed.
     Here’s Exhibit A:

     I described the testy board discussion of this item in my meeting coverage two weeks ago. It seemed to me that Poertner and Co. really wanted the trustees to just approve the item, which seemed to have been long in the making, but the trustees resisted, perhaps owing to their usual cluelessness (or maybe owing to a knowledgeable assessment—that's at least possible, if improbable).
     The item was not approved (it only got three votes: Padberg, Milchiker, Prendergast), but will, I believe, return in January in some form.
     (I added this post in response to a reader's impassioned comment about this item today.)


Anonymous said...

19,700 per month; WTF?

Anonymous said...

Please notice, too, that it takes only 8 years to get to top pay in any range. Compare that to your faculty salary schedule. 100 miles down the road from you, it takes faculty 24 years to get from Step 1 to top pay.

If faculty unions want to learn how to put together a good salary schedule, they need to look no further than this.

Anonymous said...

Are they getting more than the faculty or classified?

Anonymous said...

Way more. It seems criminal.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying a VP shouldn't make more than classified staff and faculty? What world are you living in?

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