Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good news, sort of, about Amy Ahearn

     OC Reg columnist Frank Mickadeit has decided to update some stories he’s done in the past year, including the Amy Ahearn disappearance saga.
     You’ll recall that Ahearn, an English professor at Saddleback College, never showed for her fall classes (in August). Her family (back east) theorized that she was suffering from dementia owing to Huntington’s Disease and was perhaps wandering the streets. Finally, in November, she was found by LA cops and was placed in a hospital, but, owing to the law, there was nothing preventing her from leaving the hospital again, which she did. She went missing again. We've heard nothing new since.
     Here’s Mickadeit’s update regarding the Ahearn case:
     About a week after Amy was hospitalized, authorities released her. She never signed any documents that allowed them to waive her privacy rights and share her situation with her family. She went missing again for another month, her sister Margie Ahearn told me, and presumably resumed wandering homeless in the same area. "I thought they would keep her longer than they did," Margie told me. Then, last Thursday, Amy was picked up again by L.A.-area police and again taken to a hospital for evaluation. But she still hasn't waived her privacy rights, so Margie remains largely in the dark. "It's like talking to a brick wall," she told me about her contact with authorities. Margie is evaluating the legal options for a conservatorship but at this point has no way of controlling when her sister might be released again.


Anonymous said...

She's free to play peek-a-boo all she wants. Not a story any more.

Anonymous said...

Playing peek-a-boo?
She's got Huntington's. It's a disease.
What are you, a Republican?

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