Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fuentes to receive spiffy golden orange

     Today, I came across a Nov. 29 press release from the The World Affairs Council of Orange County in the WSJ’s Marketwatch that notes yet another honor to be bestowed on our own trustee Tom Fuentes:
A Salute to the U.S. Armed Forces at the World Affairs Council Holiday Gala Celebration With The Honorable Mark Kimmitt
Special Recognition to Tom Fuentes With the Golden Orange Award

"Leadership lapses"
     ANAHEIM, CA … The World Affairs Council of Orange County will be hosting its Annual Holiday Gala Celebration on December 15, 2011 at the Disneyland Hotel in the Grand Ballroom where we will be honoring our U.S. Military. This year's theme is "A Salute to the U.S. Armed Forces" and a Marine color guard along with guests will be present. The audience will enjoy an informative speech from soldier/statesman The Honorable Mark Kimmitt, who will deliver the keynote address. … Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt was the Chief Military Spokesman for Coalition Forces in Iraq and former Assistant Secretary of State for Political - Military Affairs in the Middle East during the Bush Administration….
Golden Orange
     World Affairs Council Chairman Serge Tomassian and the Gala Committee expect over 250 guests to attend. Special guests include the Orange County Congressional Delegation who will be giving an "update from Washington" presentation, with Sir Eldon Griffiths serving as moderator. Attendees will include many of OC's political, community and business leaders.
     This year the Council is honored to specially recognize OC's Tom Fuentes, a long-time trustee and respected leader of the Council and an icon of the OC Community. He will be the recipient of the prestigious Golden Orange Award for his life long commitment to the Council, world affairs and making Orange County a truly Global Community.
     Griffiths is an old pal of Fuentes’. As I recall, the two participated in some curious business investments together.
     Kimmitt's record is less than perfect. According to the Wikipedia article about Kimmitt, back during the Bush Administration, when Kimmitt was nominated for Assistant Secretary of State, his approval was delayed owing to complaints about the fellow, which led to an IG investigation. The IG concluded that Kimmitt’s “leadership style” was sub-standard and morale-busting; it “discouraged subordinates from free and open communication with him.” On the other hand, it said that he had improved his overall performance. The congressional committee also received a letter from the IG that revealed "a substantiated allegation that Mr. Kimmitt...failed to properly safeguard information, in violation of Army regulations…." It did not elaborate.
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Anonymous said...

He does look sort of orange.

Anonymous said...

Rememeber the old adage, "whores and politicians get respectable with age"? This is some attempt to make the venal Mr. F. respectable, I assume.

Traitor? Idiot? Both?