Thursday, December 1, 2011

Floridian Neanderthal Jones raises a ruckus at UCI

Part of UCI closed for pastor who burned Koran (OC Reg)

IRVINE – Authorities have closed down a portion of UC Irvine due to safety concerns about a now-canceled appearance of Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who made news last year for burning the Koran.
. . .
     Aldrich Hall was evacuated and will remain closed for the rest of the day, [UC Irvine spokesman Tom] Vasich said.
. . .
     Jones was scheduled to speak at the campus at 11:30 a.m.
. . .
     UCI issued this safety update on its website:
"Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who made news by burning the Quran last March, announced he would be speaking in the area of the flag poles at 11:30 on Thursday, Dec. 1. Intelligence received by UCIPD indicated suspicious activity that raised concern about the safety of the event. As a precaution the area has been closed and no events will take place in this area. Other campus activity is continuing as normal."
     Jones, a 2012 Independent presidential candidate, had been scheduled to appear for a Stand Up America! Rally.
     The Gainesville, Florida-pastor caused international controversy in March when he burned a Koran, which critics say contributed to a deadly attack on a U.N. compound in Afghanistan. The rally was intended to "stand up" to what supporters say is a security threat posed by radical Islam.
     A counterprotest organized on Facebook listed more than 100 people as "attending."
     Jones' presidential platform includes the deportation of people in this country illegally, the withdrawal of all foreign-based American troops, the reduction of corporate taxes and the reduction of government and business bureaucracy.
     Last year, Jones published a book titled, "Islam is the Devil" [sic]….

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PinkyLee said...

How did Jones manage to get a spot speaking at UCI? It's a University, not a carnival tent!

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