Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trustee Tom Fuentes' dark warning, November 16

Go ahead: install Microsoft Silverlight. The district says it's OK!

The video starts with the tail end of public comments: the "hat" or "mouse" lady offers her services as Chancellor, then stalks off. No stranger than usual.

Addressing the TV audience
00:24 – Board Reports
00:26 – Trustee Meldau
02:00 – Trustee Milchiker
04:46 – Trustee Prendergast
07:02 – Trustee (President) Padberg
08:46 – Trustee Fuentes He offers his dark and dire warning
11:36 – Trustee Lang
11:55 – Student Trustee Larson
12:50 – Chancellor’s report (Gary Poertner)

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Anonymous said...

I warning nearly from the tomb

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