Monday, November 28, 2011

That's some survey, that Don Wagner "immigration" survey

     Today, I visited Assemblyman (and former SOCCCD trustee) Don Wagner’s government website: here. I noticed a button: “click here to take our latest survey.”
     So I did. At present, Don has three surveys: Healthcare, Immigration, and Jobs.
     I chose the one on immigration. It asks just four questions:

     Observe that the third and fourth questions of this survey are about how respondents “feel” about things:

      (California's "situation"? That's mighty vague. On the other hand, under the circumstances, I think we can safely assume that Don means the state's fiscal situation, which, of course, is dire.) 

     Whether "illegal immigration is a large contributing factor to" the state's fiscal "situation" and how much (if at all) it contributes to it—these are empirical questions. When confronted with empirical questions, one should make the appropriate observations; one should seek the relevant data. 
     One does not ask for people's opinions.
     Also, Don is asking questions about matters imbedded in a cluster of empirical and non-empirical issues that comprise the illegal immigration issue. (Can the existing pattern and amount of immigration be stopped or thwarted? How can it be? At what cost in other values such as privacy? Is multiculturalism a legitimate value? Is it decent to seek to prevent such phenomena as the gradual dilution of one's "culture"? Etc.) 
     Don distorts the immigration issue by implying that it's essentially about whether illegal immigration is costly.
     And isn't Don asking for people's opinions (about these curiously selective matters) already knowing full well what those opinions are? ("It's a big contributor! It's immense!")
     That's some survey, that Don Wagner "immigration" survey.

That's some catch, that Catch-22


Anonymous said...

What happened to the blog?

B. von Traven said...

Why? Has it disappeared?
I'm trying a new format. Input is always welcome

Anonymous said...

Don's survey is impressive. Wonder if he had first graders design it?

Anonymous said...

If by "situation" he means voters selecting reactionary cretins for the legislature, then that would be a fine question.

Anonymous said...

Is "California's 'situation'" anything like the equally vague "Fuentian precipice"?

Anonymous said...

I guess anyone who believes in upholding the law by showing illegals the door and/or calling ICE, is a cretin?

Anonymous said...

Quite so 2:24: that's the mistake the Native Americans made so long ago.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that we need to coddle the wealthy and destroy all pertinent infrastructure while we plunge into third world status, divided into the few haves and the many have nots, is certainly a cretin, 2:24.

Anonymous said...

And how do you identify these illegals, cretin? Er, I mean, 2:24.

Anonymous said...

When they're busted the first time, you RF ID them. The next time, you show them the door. Families are not being torn apart either; they can always be together as families back in Mexico where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Don's survey is very good, just what we need here in Cali. The people have the right to be properly represented. The minority does not run the show.

I fear no fish said...

"How large of a problem...."

Good God. Where did these people learn English? Are they themselves undocumented? They're certainly uneducated.

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