Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mathur footnotoriety

     I just came across a two-week old announcement on something called “NRI”
     As near as I can tell, "NRI" refers to “non-resident Indians,” a complex concept that seems to include Indian-born persons who have become citizens of other countries.
     According to the announcement,
A meeting of Indian Americans from different Organizations was held on October 12, 2011, at the Haveli Restaurant, Artesia to form and elect a Board for IARCA. K.V.Kumar was unanimously elected as the Statewide Chairman….
Mathur: planning a return?
     The article goes on to list other officers, including committee co-chairs.
     Among the latter: Raghu Mathur.
     As I recall, Mathur has long been listed as the chair of the Indo-American Republican Club (or something very like that) on the Republican Party of Orange County website. (Nowadays, the website’s “join a club” button doesn’t work.)
     There’s a long-standing rumor that Mathur seeks a seat on the SOCCCD board of trustees. Unless I am very much mistaken, Mathur resides in the area now represented by Marcia Milchiker. (Is that right?)
     But Marcia was just elected in 2010: she isn’t up for reelection (should she seek that) until 2014. Hmmmm.

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I fear no fish said...

What about the redrawing of the boundaries? Could he be drawn into Fuentes' area?

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