Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Cal, broad support for the Occupy movement

From this morning’s Oakland Tribune:
Poll: Californians evenly split on Occupy movement

     California voters are almost evenly split, largely along ideological lines, over whether they identify with the Occupy movement, according to a new Field Poll. ¶ The poll found 46 percent of California's voting public identifies a lot or some with the Occupy movement, while 49 percent declare not much identification with it. But while voters are closely divided in their identification with the movement, a 58 percent to 32 percent majority say they agree with the protests' underlying reason….
. . .
     Conservatives are very unlikely to identify with the movement, liberals are very likely to do so and independents are about evenly split, [Field Poll Director Mark] DiCamillo said.
. . .
     DiCamillo said that for context's sake, he went back and checked a similar poll asking about the Tea Party movement in January 2010; at that time, 28 percent of Californians identified strongly or somewhat with that movement. ¶ By comparison, he said, Occupy is "a bigger, broader phenomenon" than the Tea Party, which was mainly just within the bounds of the Republican Party….

See also: STATE: Most people share Occupy views, poll finds (The [Riverside] Press-Enterprise)


Anonymous said...

According to the leftists being polled. The occupoo "movement" has already died a few weeks ago. Most people don't ID with it either, that's just what the proponents want everyone believe. ALL media HYPE! The same thing that makes up BHO's power base. How is it they've forgotten all the billions the great one gave to all his Wall street buddies, banks & union pals?

Mr. Guffaw said...

Absolutely. Field is part of the conspiracy. And space aliens run the Governor's office.

Anonymous said...

The occupoo movement is just another arm of the leftist Obummer admin. in their struggle for social equality through class warfare. It's so obvious it's laughable; while Obummer's rhetoric is to punish achievers by hiking their taxes, you've got this occupoo thing going on at the same time. Probably all designed by Axelrod. People just aren't buying it!

Anonymous said...

Get that guy a tin-foil lined hat!

Anonymous said...

Here's a quick tutorial, 3:50, on how to be taken seriously.

Avoid the stupid little joke terms like "occupoo" and "Obummer." It just shows you to be a little twit depending on mom to make him a sandwich while he looks at political blogs between surfing for porn.

If you can't make anintelligent point, get off the porch and let the big dogs handle it.

I hope that helped.

Anonymous said...

What are you, in about 5th grade, 3:50?

Anonymous said...

A corporate HQ? Really? Junkie needles, et. al.?

Please give a fact or two and a source and we'll try, really we will, to take you seriously.

In the meantime, isn't it time for mom to take you to the DMV to see about your learner's permit?

B. von Traven said...

Sorry, 6:57, but I deleted Mr. "Occupoo's" juvenile ravings to which you responded. Let's not feed this troll. I try to be gentle with him, but he is utterly incorrigible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Was great watching LAPD forcing them out the other night. So much for their pal Tony V. Why do you suppose they had hazmat personnel in white protective suits? Because it was totally unsanitary; fecies, urin, vomit, junkie needles, etc..., hence OCCUPOO!

Like someone else already posted, this excrement, or "movement" died several weeks ago.

So why try puffing it, dtb?

I saw on the news today, the new corp. HQ of the OWS'ers. A nice, big corp. suite right on Wall st. Does'nt this contradict their anticapitalist banter & anarchist mission?

Anonymous said...

Does the 1:57 poster have any sort of point to make? I'd like to respond but don't know where to start, and it would probably be similar to talking to a dog about why he shouldn't pee in the house. You get that blank stare, a wag of the tail, and nothing is accomplished.

B. von Traven said...

1:57 is our troll. He thinks he's clever, but he thinks snidery works as argumentation. He never argues for anything--he only asserts--and he tends to depend on name-calling. He understands nothing and repeats mere "talking points" from Fox or some similarly worthless organization. My own view is that we should not feed the troll.

Anonymous said...

I think the troll did make some valid points:

A. This assembly/movement is not as big as the regular media portrays it to be.

B. The supposed advocacy from the mayor has petered-out.

C. I too was watching the news Tues eve - Wed morn and saw the special hazmat team as described.

D. I just checked on the new OWS corp. HQ, and it is factual.

I tend to take polls with a grain of salt because they're not always that reliable. To make the assertion that this movement has a broad base of support; I see as jumping the gun. Just because it's in a newspaper article doesn't make it so, unless one just fell off the turnup truck. It looks like our little troll has done at least some homework.

Anonymous said...

4:19, you seem to have missed the point about the troll. He often writes to the blog (lately), and most of his comments are of the lowly sort BvT described. He's consistently insubstantial, and his posts are genuinely ugly. Even when he makes a worthy point (if such has occurred, which I doubt), it is embedded in rhetorical ugliness and intellectual dishonesty.
You say, "Just because it's in a newspaper article doesn't make it so" with regard to the poll. But BvT cited two articles, each reporting the results of a poll by Fields. The question isn't whether we are to believe the articles; rather, it is whether the poll organization is reliable and uses reliable methods. It is reliable, and its methods are clearly stated and meet high standards. --If you knew anything about polls you'd know that.
It is important to be skeptical, I think, but it is a mistake to be skeptical exactly where one should be impressed by an organizations good reputation and high standards. And it's mighty convenient. You seem to be little better than the troll, IMO

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