Monday, October 10, 2011

More sophistry from Derek Reeve

     Today, the Capistrano Insider’s Jonathan Volzke (SJC Councilman Reeve's Response to Plagiarism Allegations....) explains that CI received a “column” by SJC City Councilman and Saddleback College adjunct Derek Reeve. Reeve asked CI to publish it, which they did. (See.)
     The column includes yet another defense against the charge that Reeve repeatedly plagiarized others' writings:
...On balance, I may be partly responsible—along with most of the human race that uses the Internet. In the atmosphere of today’s massive electronic echo chamber, in which we are assaulted with dozens of concepts and ideas each minute, I doubt if any of us have had a totally original idea in the past 50 years. Certainly that is the way it is in the legal profession in which I work. Yes, in formal documentation, one is more precise in adding footnotes to identify the origin of our ideas, which makes it extremely complicated when wading through such writing. However, in normal everyday communication, not to mention blogging, it is impossible for us to precisely identify each antecedent and besides, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and informal (or so I thought). [My emphasis.]
     Just to be clear: based on information presented by the SJC Patch (see), Reeve repeatedly submitted the works of other writers, under his own name, modifying wording slightly. These instances are classic plagiarism. (For a concrete instance, see this.)
     Reeve's guff about "precisely" identifying antecedents is a red herring (or utter nonsense). One is not obliged to identify the "precise" antecedents of one's ideas, whatever that is supposed to mean. One is, however, obliged to identify the sources of writings by others that one quotes or repeats. Reeve repeatedly failed to do so, posing as the actual author. That's dishonest.
     Obviously, that he presented others’ writings as his own on a blog—as opposed to, say, a journal or newspaper—is immaterial to whether he was plagiarizing. That he presented others’ writing as his own means that he was plagiarizing, and plagiarism is a serious sin, especially among writers, journalists, and academics.
     One would naturally suppose that it is a serious sin among Christians, too, but Reeve evidently feels otherwise. He's a special kind of Christian, I guess.
     Oddly, Reeve told the Capistrano Insider that he can’t now comment on whether his employment at Concordia U of Irvine has come to an end. But he implied that he will comment on that matter in future.
     We look forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Good lord. This is one of those situations where nothing will do but a mea culpa, resignation from his remaining teaching job(s), and some kind of resolution to reform. It's disingenuous and pathetic for him to pretend that he didn't realize what he was doing--not to mention that it's a lie (unless the man is remarkably stupid).

Sad, really--but also an outrage.


Anonymous said...

Wake up, Saddleback, and fire him already. Wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Fucking insane! Why is that tea baggers always double down, and the press lets them get away with it?

Anonymous said...

"immaterial" to bvt only

Anonymous said...

He'll be on O'Reilly soon, complaining about unfair attacks on Christians by the (nonexistent) liberal media.

I fear no fish said...

Here's another story involving plagiarism at a college:

Melissa Fenerci said...

As a student at Saddleback College, I feel disgusted that he is still teaching at our college. Not only am I bothered by his comments regarding his dogs...etc but the fact that he plagiarizes, while he would probably report a student if he thought he/she was plagiarizing makes me sick. Hypocrisy at its best. He should not be teaching at our institution anymore! We have rules and regulations about academic dishonesty when it comes to students, so how are students suppose to be held accountable for the same issue when they see that their professor isn't being held accountable. GET RID OF HIM!

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