Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Justice file

     For what it's worth, 96% (i.e. 29 out of 30) of those who participated in our "confidence/no confidence" poll re IVC VPI Craig Justice voted "no confidence."
     It is, I think, remarkable that only one person was willing to vote "confidence" in the fellow. One wonders how an actual vote among IVC faculty would go. Not so well, I suspect. Not for Justice.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to say how many faculty and staff would vote no confidence in the VPI, but I suspect that the number is growing daily. As more people learn of his lack of regard for the opinions of others, his inability to welcome participation, and his manipulative and dictatorial leadership style, the cry for his removal will increase dramatically. He would be wise to go quietly.

Anonymous said...

"Not to love Herr Justice is a great disgrace,
So ve heil! heil!
Right in Herr Justice' face!"

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