Wednesday, October 12, 2011


8:00 a.m. - I'll be in Chicago for a few days. See yuh.

9:29 - I’m at John Wayne Airport, waiting for my 10:05 to LV. Nothin’ to report, ‘cept boredom. The security people insisted on examining my continuous positive air pressure machine. It's a little thing, but I suppose you could put a bomb in it. A tiny one.

11:34 - I'm in Las Vegas, which means "the spring," I think. Waiting for my 12:10 flight to Chicago. Beautiful weather. Managed to drop my laptop (MacBook Pro) from the baggage thingy above the seats all the way to the floor. Bang! Still works, it seems. Spent much of the flight thinking about the vast universe and the question whether it is to be feared or embraced. Still don't know.

No doubt I was working with a false dilemma. We're boarding!

7:20 p.m.(?) - I'm happily ensconced in my hotel room in the Orrington (I think that's the name) downtown. Lots of universities, cool shops, restaurants nearby. Off I go!

I've haven't been in Chicago since 1958, when I was maybe three. So this is all new to me. Very cool, so far.

• Professor who offended power elite resigns post (OC Reg)
     Fred Smoller is gone from his post as head of Brandman University’s master of public administration program.
     He’s not fired, as he has tenure, but the situation is a sticky one that raises thorny issues of academic freedom with critics.
• A Decade of Protesting Christopher Columbus Plays Out at Mission San Juan Capistrano Today (Navel Gazing)

 CAIR rebukes Councilman Derek Reeve (OC Reg; letters to the editor)
     Regarding “Of blogs and dogs: Councilman’s message to San Juan.” [Oct. 4] Councilman Derek Reeve needs to take responsibility for his own reckless acts rather than baseless blaming the mayor, his fellow council members or CAIR for his recurring problems, whether they are about allegations of plagiarism or insults levied at Muslims around the world, including his constituents. Being a leader used to mean being ethical, civil and uniting. I hope that standard has not been entirely lost….


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the windy city! take lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

Try Neiman Marcus restaurant on the near north side of downtown, off Michigan Ave (I think). Nice place to have a good lunch.

Anonymous said...

BvT, what are you doing in Chicago? It's a beautiful city! Enjoy Michigan Ave!

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