Thursday, September 29, 2011

"I'm frustrated we're talking about dogs...."

Famous talking dog
     Jonathan Volzke of the Capistrano Dispatch joins the San Juan Capistrano Patch in reporting that SJC Councilman Derek Reeve has pulled his controversial anti-illegal immigration proposal. (See Anti-Illegal Immigration Policy Proposal in Capistrano Pulled after Plagiarism Allegations.)
     Volzke seems to view Reeve’s action as a consequence of recent plagiarism allegations made against him by the SJC Patch. A kind of strategic retreat, under a rock, I guess.
     Based on Jenna Chandler and the Patch’s reporting, it seems very clear that Reeve, a lawyer, a realtor, and a Saddleback College Poli Sci instructor, has blatantly plagiarized the works of various authors in recent months—on the Patch.
     Not sure if anyone’s checked any other publications yet.
     Mayor Sam Allevato said that Reeve’s plagiarism issue is distracting:
“I feel further discussion by the City Council (of the plagiarism allegations) is unwarranted as it does nothing to further the interests of the residents of San Juan Capistrano and is yet another distraction from the important work of this Council,” Allevato said. “Ultimately, Mr. Reeve will have to answer to the public and his employers regarding his actions.”
     —Gosh, I think Allevato is alluding to Concordia U and Saddleback College, where Reeve teaches. No?
     Another City Councilman, John Taylor, evidently worries that Reeve could mess up SJC's rosy rep:
“Members of an elected body are supposed to be leaders—plagiarism is against the law,” Taylor said in a written statement “This lack of character and leadership is a hindrance in his ability to govern the affairs of our City.”
     I don't know about plagiarism being against the law; it does invite civil lawsuits. Surely it's unethical, scandalous.
     Another council member, Laura Freese, evidently a fan of absurd remarks, said: “I’m frustrated we’re talking about dogs, the right to gather and now plagiarism” (CD).
     I’ll bet. This fracas sure reminds me of the old Frogue/Board Majority days, when SOCCCD officials spent most of their time 'splainin' the board’s absurd actions and policies, many of which were clear instances of “red meat tossage” to the Board Four’s benighted right-wing constituency—you know, the people who, fifteen years later, sip tea and support Reeve.
     A former Councilman is urging others to take a good look at Reeve. Maybe he thinks there’s more to find under the rocks of SJC. Do you suppose?
     Meanwhile, Reeve ain’t talkin’. He won’t respond to his old buds at the SJC Patch, who want to know about this unseemly pattern of plagiarism that he saddled ‘em with. I bet they’re pissed. Are they gonna delete all that stuff?
     I wonder if Saddleback College’s Academic Senate is dusting off its "code of ethics"? I mean, what’s the point of having a code if you don’t do something when one of your own members violates it bigtime?
     For all I know, they're on the case right now. I can just imagine the discussion:
     "Well, he's obviously taken other writers' words and ideas and claimed them as his own! The rascal!"
     "Wait. The stuff on the Patch is written, right? Maybe his dog Muhammad peed on his submissions, messing 'em up?"
     "Never mind pee. Our code is about being honest with academic stuff. When he writes for the Patch blog, that's not academic stuff; it's political stuff."
     "Wait! Doesn't he teach politics here at the college? I'm so confused!"
     "Let me get this straight. If he goes on TV and announces that he wrote Huckleberry Finn, that's OK, cuz it's only TV?"
     "He'd better not say it on Saddleback TV. Nancy Padberg watches that shit, and I bet she hates Mark Twain. Have you ever read Letters from the Earth?"
     "Yeah. Gosh."
     I happen to know that they really do talk that way down at Saddleback. They're seriously serious down there, man.


Anonymous said...

I would assume IVC has a code of ethics too. Your semi-libelous statements and innuendo must also be under suspicion then.

B. von Traven said...

Oh brave, brave Anonymous. It's easy to talk big when no one knows who you are.
Care to back up your suggestion?
Show me where I have libeled anyone or engaged in dastardly "innuendo," or shut up. Be specific. Don't be a weasel.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. Having seen you in action at senate meetings and in your blog why would anyone identify themselves to you?

You are mean spirited and not a nice person in so much of what you write and say.

Anonymous said...

If calling people on their bullshit is mean, I'd rather be mean than blind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're talking about 15+ years of snarky elitist leftist meaness!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting view of the last 15 years but you know, I think Roy and others were right about Frogue, Raghu, Fuentes, Wagner, et al. Pretty ugly stuff those people promoted. I appreciate Roy calling them on it.

Anonymous said...

Roy is ethical, research based, and a wonderful colleague to know and work with. Besides, he is a philosopher who is required by his credentials to dig into the mystery of things--big and small.

Shripathi Kamath said...

Scary part is that such nonsense is catching on. Brad McGirr, reportedly a liberal in red county must have picked up on the notoriety and appeal of bigotry and fear-mongering among the, er, neanderthals.

He is likely running for city council in RSM.

Take a look at the RSM Patch. He is rallying support with a "War on Christmas" theme.

Sheesh! It's only October. It is one thing that Harrah's of UK started their Christmas sale in August, but October?

It hasn't even cooled down yet.

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