Monday, September 12, 2011

60 years ago, lookin' 18

     As you know, I've spent a fair amount of time scanning old family photos, a project I thought I had completed, but no. A few days ago, my little bro Ron showed up with a stash of old slides and negatives he had squirreled away and forgotten about. So I've done some more scanning.
     Here are pictures of my folks, fresh immigrants in their new home—eastern Canada (Hamilton, Ontario), circa 1952. My dad was 20 years old and my mom was about 19. They seem to be posing—and wearing matching outfits!
     —Or maybe they took turns wearing one outfit. That seems more likely. They were seriously broke in those days. (More here.)

Pop took some "glamor" shots of mom, too. I can't show all of those, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Love the new photos.

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