Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Club Day at IVC (plus ye olde inexplicable medieval dude)

IRVINE. As you know, I'm on sabbatical, so I make a point of staying away from the college. But I've insisted that Rebel Girl take some pics, and so here's what she sent me today.
It was "Club Day" at Irvine Valley College, so the various clubs—there's a few goofy ones (stock market investment club?) among the usual suspects (Christian, cheerleading)—put up booths and provided the usual clubby things. No doubt there were blue and white balloons.  Check it out.
For some reason, an old guy in a vaguely Arthurian costume from "Medieval Times" was among the clubbers. Don't know why. At IVC, if you ask why, you don't get an answer. Or you get several, and they're all wrong.
Evidently, one of our sharp new hires wandered outside and saw this guy; she ran back into A200, yelling, "WTF! Did you see the Medieval Guy out there? What's up with that?!"
Everyone just stared. Hey, it's IVC.
Rebel Girl dropped by the MRC, the subject of much Sturm und Drang and gnashing of teeth in recent months. "It looked like the Playboy Club, but without the bunnies," said the Reb. It does seem to have a wealth of pizzazz—I mean, for a room at a freakin' college.
The MRC is a celebration of glass and, um, uselessness, I guess. Nobody seems to know quite what's going on with the MRC. It used to have students on computers.


Anonymous said...

I saw the bearded guy with the crown. I don't know why he was there. No doubt someone somewhere got free dinners out of it that is what I am guessing. Helen? Craig? Glen? The student government reps?

Anonymous said...

It was a club.

Anonymous said...

The MRC looks pretty damn nice and pretty dang empty, especially when compared to where I teach.

What gives? What happened? When, if ever, will we be told? Why should we trust a process about waiting in line FOR YEARS for facilities when the same process is so F-ed up to build a great big shiny mostly empty building?

I am just asking. I don't expect answers. Lord know, we never get them. Just chirpy emails.

Anonymous said...

I just wish they'd tell us what went on with the abandonment of the computer labs and the diminishment of that program. And the future of those resources and rooms. It is hard not to be curious/jealous when other programs languish.

You know, just an informative update.

It would quell the runmors that the MRC is an after-hours bunny club WITH bunnies.

Doesn't accrediatation look at things like communication, an informed colleg community vs. one kept in the convenient dark?

I don't know what to say about the knucklehead in the beard and crown except that I think someone did get some kickback - free leg 'o mutton milady, milord?

Anonymous said...

I saw the bunnies...they were outside on the lawn between the MRC and the PAC. I think they got chased off by the ducks! The MRC (or CAFE)without the coffee is being utilized for Faculty Excellence...didn't you see all the faculty in there excelling? Why not take photos on a regular basis during the day and see what the actual usage is. It sure is a lot of space to have go to waste.

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