Friday, September 23, 2011

The agenda for Monday's BOT meeting

     The September meeting of the SOCCCD board of trustees (BOT) will be on Monday (the 26th). So, as per usual, I went to the district website to download the agenda (the link for the agenda is on the bottom right of the opening page).
     But, right away, I ran into trouble. The download didn’t seem to be working; or it was terribly slow.

* * *
     (As you know, the Brown Act requires that the agenda be made available in various ways prior to the meeting.
     (What happens if you can't download the file? Well, the district provides info about “agenda posting locations.” Here’s the info:

     (I kid you not. That's it. I wonder where that lake is. Can anyone direct me to the guy with the tube? Garsh.)

* * *
     I contacted the district and let them know about the downloading problem. Meanwhile, I just left my computer alone to try to download the file. After twenty minutes or so, it succeeded.
     Meanwhile, somebody (or some thing) at the district contacted me to say:
     The current board agenda link for September appears to be corrupt and will be temporarily inaccessible. We are trying to resolve the issue and will notify you when the link on the District website is working. We apologize for any inconvenience.
     Is it me? Or does it appear that this message was written by a mechanism. Nobody's notified me yet, and it's 5:30 p.m.
     UPDATE: at 5:46, the mechanism got back to me:
 The problem has been resolved and the link to the September Board agenda is working. The current agenda link is now accessible on the District website. Thank you for your patience.

     Wow. I was expecting "does not compute."

 * * *

     I’ve only started to peruse the agenda. It did notice a couple of items about student travel: 5.2 and 5.14. Check ‘em out:

Students get $35 a day for meals, but faculty get $50. Gosh.

     Boy, that Phi Theta Kappa convention is mighty pricy: $1350 per Kappster. What could they possibly be doing in Nashville, anyway? Visiting the grave of Minnie Pearl? 
     Of course, Saddleback's "forensics tournament" is even pricier: $1400 per student (it's $1850 per faculty).


Anonymous said...

BvT and Reb Girl, thank you for all your good work. You keep the District and the College straight. it is unfortunate that they (especially IVC) correct their mishaps only when the Blog points them out! Why doesn't common sense prevail?!

Anonymous said...

community college unit... $36
phi theta kappa trip ...$1350
reading the blog... priceless lol not!

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