Thursday, December 23, 2010

It was forty years ago today: "birthday party for Jesus"

Laguna Beach's Great Hippie Invasion, 40 Years On (OC Weekly; Gunkist Memories)
…On this morning 40 years ago, hippies from all over California and beyond were massing in caravans that lined for miles on Pacific Coast Highway in both directions. They were gathering for a rock concert that originally had been billed as a "birthday party for Jesus" but which quickly became known as either the "Christmas Happening" or "The Great Happening." The concert, which was held in a grassy bowl at the top of Laguna Canyon known as Sycamore Flats, began on Christmas Day and ended three days later when hundreds of police officers and sheriff's deputies, who had already blocked off the town with barricades, forced stragglers onto buses and used bulldozers to bury everything left behind….
Laguna on Acid: The Great Hippie Christmas Invasion of 1970 (OC Weekly)

See also ‘The High Priest of LSD’ gets busted in Laguna Canyon (1968)

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know hippies were into Jebus.

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