Monday, October 4, 2010

Tom Fuentes: ubiquitous paid consultant

     I’ve been sifting through Tom Fuentes’ form 700 filings re his gig as SOCCCD trustee.
     What are those?
     Well, according to the FPPC (guidelines),
The Political Reform Act requires public officials to disclose assets and income which may be materially affected by their official actions. The Act requires governmental agencies to ensure that their public officials (board/commission members, employees and consultants) disclose their interests on or before the statutory deadline.
     Hence, officials, such as elected trustees, must fill out a Statement of Economic Interests: form 700.
     I’ve examined many (not quite all of) Fuentes’ 700 forms covering several years. Here’s a brief description of what I’ve found. Essentially, these are Fuentes’ acknowledged sources of income.

     Oddly, LFC (Lange Financial Corporation), a real estate auction firm at which, according to Fuentes’ former district bio, Fuentes served as Senior Vice President, does not appear in the documents that I have seen.
     Fuentes’ presently has an “LFC” email address. Odd.

The Claremont Institute, Claremont (unaffiliated with Claremont Colleges)
Conservative “think tank”
Fuentes: consultant
Fuentes has checked the $10-100K box, many years

     In fact, Fuentes is on the CI Board of Directors. Among the Board of Advisors: Roberta Ahmanson (wife of religious extremist Howard) and Tom L. Phillips (see Phillips International)
     In a recent article for the Voice of Orange County, Fuentes acknowledges having had an office at LFC that, he says, the firm provided to the Claremont Institute, for whom Fuentes consulted. Naturally, this constitutes a substantial “gift” to CI.

     We’ll have more about that circumstance at a later date.

Tait and Associates, Santa Ana
Real estate, construction
Fuentes: Senior Vice President
Fuentes has checked the $10-100K box for salary, some years.

     Tom Tait (of T&A) is now running for Mayor of Anaheim. Fuentes has endorsed him.

Enterprise Counsel Group, Irvine
Law Firm (labor and real estate law)
Fuentes: advisor
Most years, Fuentes checks the $10-100K income box for ECG

     ECG’s David A. Robinson is on the Irvine Valley College Foundation Board of Governors. He is former chairman.

Law Offices of Linda W. Lau, Los Angeles
Fuentes: consultant
A one-time fee, $1-10K

Nguyen for Congress
Fuentes: consultant

     No doubt this Nguyen is Tan Nguyen, who sent those nasty letters to Latino voters a couple of years ago; he’s still in court over charges of “obstruction of justice.”

Stanbridge College, Irvine
Fuentes: consultant
For several years, Fuentes checked the $10-100K income box for SC, a for-profit

Landslide Communications, Irvine (Jim Lacy’s firm)
Marketing agent for right-wing slates/slate mailers
Fuentes: consultant
Fuentes has for many years checked the $1-10K income box for smearmeister Jim Lacy’s firm.

7G Innovations, Newport Beach
Electronic payment processing and customer relationships management
Fuentes: consultant
For several years, Fuentes has checked the $1-10K box.

Shared Success, Costa Mesa
Venture capital; business management consultants
Fuentes: consultant
Several years, checked the $1-10K income box

Western CPAC, Laguna Niguel
Fuentes: consultant

     Jim Lacy (see Landslide Communications) is the chairman; Tom Fuentes is on the CPAC board of directors. In recent years, CPAC events have provided a forum for some remarkably extreme right-wing views.

• Hewitt Wolensky, Newport Beach
Law firm
Fuentes: consultant

     Hugh Hewitt is a popular conservative radio host and blogger.
     Hewitt is friendly to Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine. Recently, troubling irregularities occurred in a new program that provides IVC credit courses at Crean.

Silvaard Institute of Natural History, Coto de Caza
(Terry Singer)
Fuentes: advisor
Small amounts ($1-10K)

Hilbrick Construction, Newport Beach
Fuentes: consultant
One year, Fuentes clicked the $10-100K income box; another year, the $1-10K box.

     I’m not sure Hilbrick still exists. The above site describes it thus: “For-Profit Organization, Veteran Owned Business, Construction Firm, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Contracts.”


Phillips International, Inc.
I found two filings that checked the $10-100K box.

     Ultra-conservative publisher Tom L. Phillips appears to be a long-time Fuentes crony. He founded and serves on the Board of Directors of Eagle Publishing, which owns the notorious Regnery Publishing. Fuentes is one of four “external directors” of Eagle Publishing.
     Among Regnery authors are Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, and Ted Nugent.


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