Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Low in the Fuentesphere (where it's always low)

Anaheim, 1886, for no particular reason. Store owned by a Mr. Wallop.
As you know, ever since the notoriously vindictive Tom Fuentes, architect of OC's formidable hardball political "machine," joined the SOCCCD Board of Trustees in 2000, the district has been, more or less, an annex of, and a venue for, the OC GOP.


• Former OC Sheriff (now felon) Mike Carona—for years, the Star of the Fuentesphere (and advisee of “Republican mafia” henchman Mike Schroeder, another doozy)—used to hang around IVC to pray and cry and pose and collect prizes. (Nowadays, not so much.)

• DA Tony"ethically challenged" Rackauckas (another Mike Schroeder advisee—and whose spokesperson is Mike's wife) has occasionally visited the district to swear in trustees and such.

• When Dot "residence challenged" Fortune resigned from the BoT, somehow, Eric Norby, the brother (and chief of staff) of right-wing city councilman, now OC Supervisor, Chris Norby suddenly popped up as her replacement. (That gambit backfired, tsk tsk.)

• Not long after Fuentes’ arrival on the BoT, slow-witted SOCCCD trustee John Williams, a former bailiff, managed to get elected as OC Public Administrator—which is about as "down ballot" as Dog Catcher, but more lucrative. Don’t know how that happened, but it’s a good bet that John's colleague Tom made some calls and pulled some strings to get 'im a leg up on the competition (Williams was utterly unqualified, of course, but voters didn't notice). Soon thereafter, Williams, promising big cost savings, managed to transform his PA gig into a combined PA/Public Guardian super-gig, with a big fat salary and car bennies. Recently, of course, the OC Grand Jury issued a scathing report, accusing Williams of mismanagement, cronyism, and basically costing the taxpayer a buttload of money for shitty work.

• When Williams took on the Public Administrator/Public Guardian office, he hired SOCCCD colleague Nancy Padberg as his chief of staff. Gosh! Doesn't that create a conflict of interest? (See "2 Trustees' Job Status Is an Issue: One who sits on an Orange County college district board is the elected boss of another", LA Times, March 9, 2004.) Later, Williams summarily fired her, which caused some serious bad blood between the two and providing the SOCCCD BoT meetings with reliable episodes of high comedy. —Hmmm. Maybe it's not such a good idea to have boss and employee serving on the same board. (OK, this one might not belong here. On the other hand…..)

• Sleazy (explained below) OC Treasurer, Chriss Street, keeps showing up for SOCCCD BoT meetings, which are televised, giving unnecessary reports about property taxes. Man, that Fuentes whistles, and Chriss is Johnny-on-the-spot.

Well, judging by the past, with this crowd, it’s always just a matter of time before they get caught in some scandal or crime.

So, with that in mind, here's what popped up in today's OC Register:

Judge: Treasurer must face trial before election
A bankruptcy judge refused Wednesday to delay the $7 million civil fraud trial of Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street. ¶ The decision means Street will face allegations that he looted a bankruptcy trust while he is running for re-election. The trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 3, four months before the June 8 election.

Street was court-appointed trustee of the Fruehauf truck trailer company from October 1998 until creditors forced him out in August 2005. His successor, Los Angeles money manager Dan Harrow, sued Street for fraud in February 2007, weeks after Street took office as treasurer.

Street's attorney, Phillip Greer [sound familiar?], pleaded with Judge Richard Neiter to delay the trial until late June. … Neiter wasn't buying. The allegations already are public, he said.

[See also D.A. joins list of Street investigators (OC Register, 9/5/09)]

That guy Phil Greer, Street's lawyer, really gets around. He represented John Williams (John Williams has friends) in recent discussions at the OC Board of Supervisors concerning how best to respond to the OC Grand Jury's dismal assessment of Williams' performance as PA/PG. That day, his pal Chris Norby provided the key vote that saved Williams’ ass. The vote made no sense.

Of course, Greer represents Norby as well. He represents several of the BoS's members.

I’ve been told that, recently, Raghu Mathur required the services of an attorney. Guess who took on the job?

For ES:

Lisa says that it's all right
When she meets me home at night
Lisa says that she has her fun
And she'll do it with just about anyone.

Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says

Lisa says that she's on the run
Looking for a special one
Lisa says that every time she makes it straight
She knows her heart will break

Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says

Looking for a party, some action
Going to make it feel okay
But what do you find
When the [?] come undone
Look at it run

Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says
Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says


Anonymous said...

"...time has..."?

B. von Traven said...

To me, it has always seemed that he says "tremors," but I guess that's rather odd.
"Time has" appears to be a common transcription. You wouldn't believe the crazy stuff people offer as lyrics for this song. Just Google "'Lisa Says' lyrics" --and you'll get some hilariously inept efforts.
You'll also come across the lyrics for one or two live versions of the song. They are very interesting as well, though I prefer these.

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