Monday, September 14, 2009

Sleeping under a bush at the Old County Courthouse

The home of the old "Fullerton News" (a century ago)


First, former OC GOP Chair Tom Fuentes has endorsed fellow trustee Don Wagner for Assembly.

Actually, that sucks. It means that Tom and Don are pals again. And that means they’ve buried the hatchet--in our heads--and so Raghu Mathur won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. (But what do I know.)

This news is in today’s OC/Red County blog, where contributor Allan Bartlett explains that he received the following press release from the “Don Wagner for Assembly campaign”:
Fuentes Endorses Wagner For 70th Assembly District
Longtime GOP Leader's Support A Strong Boost Among Conservatives 
...South Orange County Community College District President, and candidate for Assembly, Donald Wagner has announced the endorsement of Tom Fuentes, Chairman Emeritus of the Republican Party of Orange County.

"Don Wagner has been a tireless advocate for conservative causes and candidates and his professional credentials are tailor-made for him to be an effective advocate for Orange County and Republicans in the State Assembly," said Fuentes. "He will be a champion for our values and Republicans will be proud to have elected him." 

"Tom Fuentes is one of the most principled conservatives I have known and I have been fortunate to serve with him--and learn from him--on the South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees," said Wagner.
"Tom is a respected voice and I am proud to have his support for my campaign for Assembly."

Tom Fuentes is a conservative activist and former Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County (1990-2004). Fuentes oversaw the Orange County GOP as it became America's most Republican County. He is currently a Trustee for the South Orange County Community College District....
Trolley in Tustin, c. 1890


Meanwhile, over at the moribund LA Times, Steve Lopez (a thief! he stole my nickname for Mike Duvall, “Spanky”!) blathers about, well, Mr. Mike “eye-patch underwear” Duvall, yet another staunch conservative (who, as it happens, was endorsed by our very own John "Incompetent Civil Servant" Williams):

'Spanky' Duvall's conduct is grounds for a good thrashing

After a few humorous observations, Lopez commences discussing Duvall’s replacement:

Potential replacement candidates were popping up so quickly, you had to wonder if one of them was involved [in releasing the infamous video to the media].
My personal favorite replacement would be Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, 59, who in July married a woman in her early 30s.

Of course he did!

Norby is one of Fuentes’ pals, a real right-winger. Perhaps you’ll recall the slick maneuver that Fuentes and pals attempted when “Dot” Fortune resigned from our board (gosh, she remained trustee even though, some alleged, she lived elsewhere in the state!), opening up a trustee spot between elections. At first, Tom and his GOP pals grabbed Norby’s brother Eric (who works at Claremont McKenna College, which has close ties to the Claremont Institute, on whose Board sits Tom Fuentes) for the gig. But then the faculty union figured out that they could challenge this thing, and, anyway, Eric smelled a rat (i.e., yet another lowlife Fuentean machination), and so he bolted, cheese or no cheese. In the end, the union managed to get their man, Bill “Poppin’” Jay on the board.


Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach (c. 1905?)

Surely you know how the rest of this is gonna go. Naturally, if Fuentes cozies up to a politician, that politician will be all staunch and conservative, prayin’ and pledging, kicking illegal orphans, and preachin' the "sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman." Meanwhile, in reality, some very impure stuff is bangin’ around in his closet:
As the Orange County Register reported:
"It is the fourth marriage for [Norby,] the 4th District supervisor, who last year came under fire for claiming $340 for a weeklong stay at a hotel during the summer of 2007, when his previous marriage was on the rocks. That same week he was also found sleeping under a bush at the Old County Courthouse in Santa Ana."

Look, nobody's perfect.
That’s for sure. Especially not one of Tom’s Republican pals. Dang!


Anonymous said...

"Tom Fuentes" and "principled" in the same sentence. It hurts to read that.

Also, didn't Norby join the gang mentality of religious extremists when the supervisors worked on denying Planned Parenthood some tobacco money to fund cancer awareness because they--gasp--are an organization that promotes abortion--all to the horror of the suddenly theocratic board?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you call everybody "Spanky." Well, at least you call everybody into spankin' Spanky, so that's quite a few.

Anonymous said...

We briefly had Norby's bro on the SOCCCD BOT, no?

Roy Bauer said...

7:07, I noted Eric Norby's connection with the SOCCCD in the post. You're a skimmer, right? "A careful reader and not a skimmer be."


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