Saturday, September 12, 2009

Images from my childhood

A couple of pictures of the neighborhood (Villa Park/Orange) of my childhood. My family bought oranges at the Santiago packinghouse for many years--starting in the early 60s. This pic looks c. 1961.

Nearby Wanda Rd. I just barely remember that little store.

Got these pics from the OC History Roundup blog.

Photo taken in 1957. My family didn't move to OC (from British Columbia) until two or three years later.

This is downtown Orange, 1920s—long before my time. But I did live near there c. 1990 in a house built in 1903.

This, too, is before my time: Peters Lake (near Irvine Park), 1949. Evidently, in January of that year, it snowed! (Got these next ones from the OC Public Library archive.)

OK, this one's just weird. El Toro Rd. 1970

I cropped it to maximize weirditude

Newport Pier, turn of the century


Anonymous said...

They tore down that packinghouse, I think, in the 70s. Too bad. It's still nice near there though.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, Roy. Thanks. That snow one is amazing!

profacero said...

Oh, I want to go back to old-old CA, before my time and before all the concrete... !!!!!

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