Friday, November 7, 2008

Is God dead or not?

College Ends Ban on Nietzsche Quote:
Whether or not “God is dead,” as Nietzsche famously argued in The Gay Science, the philosopher’s famous quote can once again be displayed on the doors of faculty offices at Temple College, in Texas.
The president of Temple, Glenda Barron, and Mark Smith, who had earlier ordered a professor to remove the quotation from his door, sent out an e-mail message to faculty members reversing the earlier decision.

“Recently, the administration required the removal of a cartoon and a Nietzsche statement from the door of a faculty member. We have reviewed the Temple College policies and believe that the action was inappropriate.... We have notified the faculty member and regret any inconvenience this may have caused that person.” So
Kerry Laird, the literature professor who had the quote up and was told to take it down, is now free to put back the quote (in the original German) he originally had posted: Gott ist tot….


This reminds me of a similar incident here at Irvine Valley College nine years ago:
On a campus already strained by deep tensions, professors at Irvine Valley College are in an uproar over a new policy that they say threatens the time-honored practice of decorating office doors and windows with the cartoons, clippings and fliers that reflect their humor and passions.

Faculty representatives are threatening legal action over a memo teachers received last week telling them to remove any posters or signs they have displayed on their office windows or external doors.

The college president,
Raghu P. Mathur, says he is seeking only to protect the school from unsightly clutter.

But professors allege the policy is a ploy to stifle their ongoing criticism of the school’s leadership….

Signs on professors’ doors and windows range from cartoons, newspaper clippings and announcements about grades and scholarships to sharp blows at Mathur. In one window, which faces the campus and can be seen from a distance, large signs proclaim “Mathur Must Go” and “Raghu Must Resign”….  (
LA Times, 8/2/99)
IVC'S "Hometown Hero" back in news:
Carona trial: Ex-Sheriff gave badges, permits for money, witness says:
Jurors in the public corruption trial of ex-lawman Mike Carona listened today to a former assistant sheriff testify that Carona doled out sheriff's reserve badges and concealed weapons permits to rich supporters in exchange for money.
They also heard former assistant sheriff Don Haidl describe how Carona steered legal cases involving sheriff's department employees and their families – including one involving the death of a sheriff's deputy – to attorney Joe Cavallo, who in turn, Haidl testified, gave Carona a cut….


Obama Joke by Premier Has Italy in an Uproar:
Italians never quite know whether to laugh or cry at Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. But many reacted with incredulity and outrage after the prime minister, visiting Moscow on Thursday, amiably called the first African-American president-elect in United States history “young, handsome and suntanned.”

Curzio] … Maltese added that just when Mr. Obama’s victory was “inspiring billions of people” to consider “democracy, the most extraordinary triumph of humanity after centuries of bloodshed and intolerance,” Mr. Berlusconi instead contributed “a miserable, vulgar and racist remark, for which he didn’t even have the courage to take responsibility or the dignity to apologize.”

Later on Friday, Mr. Obama, who has been calling world leaders, had a “long, cordial” telephone conversation with Mr. Berlusconi, according to the Italian news media. The two did not discuss the gaffe….
All photos: today in Modjeska Canyon


Anonymous said...

Is gayness dead?

torabora said...

What?! No mention of the Presidential Elected fresh foe paw?

After DtB ripping on W for YEARS over EVERY perceived word mangle and fact (lie) misquote we now have the delicious expectation that it won't be any better with Senator Government.

His first news conference begins with the usual uh. In it he refers to Nancy Reagan's seances. Trouble was you can attribute that behavior to Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt, NOT Nancy Reagan. Not that it matters what any of the three did....they weren't President!

Will criticism be equally applied by DtB? We shall see.

Anonymous said...

It was an amusing little error. Not quite like launching an illegal war, perhaps, but amusing.

Anonymous said...

"foe paw"?

Please, torabora, buy a dictionary--preferably an Oxford one. You're missing out big-time on the meaning of what you say--though, granted, that's no great loss....

"faux pax": false step. (French)

mad as hell said...

It's great to see the anti-Prop 8 rallies. I don't know what I expected, but this welcome development (mass, peaceful protests for equal rights) wasn't it. Too bad they didn't come before Election Day--but definitely, better now than never.

Anonymous said...

Can I please move to the canyon with y'all? (Modjeska, Trabuco....either one would do.)


Anonymous said...

We must assume tb was making a phonetic joke. I thought it was amusing.

Anonymous said...

Quit giving Torabora grief over how he said what he posted.

WHAT he said is the key.

The smart and nice Obama disappeared for a moment there with his Nancy Reagan comment.

Momentary glitch or sign of things to come? The hiring of Rahm Emanuel, once described as a cross between "a hemorrhoid and a toothache," was certainly not encouraging to those of us who would like to see some semblance of the sides working together in harmony to help America. "Change" was promised, remember?

Anonymous said...

"His first news conference begins with the usual uh."
(sic)----this from Torabora.

"Quit giving Torabora grief over how he said what he posted."----this in defence of the same tb.

Does anyone else see the irony?!

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Does ironic mean that someone attacking others' errors (or perceived errors) spells "defense" as "defence?"

Anonymous said...

First of all, someone mentioned that because the margin has narrowed with the prop 8 vote as compared to the vote in 2000, that acceptance of gay marriage has increased. I beg to differ with that conclusion because I think many people who voted were confused about the wording of the question/proposition. I’ve now heard from several anti gay marriage people who told me they thought by voting NO, they were actually voting against gay marriage. It’s was a case of yes means no and no means yes. I’m hearing this was awfully confusing especially for people whose fist language isn’t English. I suspect if the gay marriage question was put before them again in a non-inverse way, the result would be very similar to the 2000 margin. One can’t simply draw the conclusion that the margin has narrowed and people are now more accepting of gay marriage.

The losers (of prop 8) are going to have to realize that they’ve lost and either try again in the future or just move away to somewhere else where they can have their gay weddings. All this protesting, blocking traffic and scuffles with the police and such isn’t helping their cause one bit. They look like a bunch of sore losers to most people. Sore losers who want to cram their gayness down everyone’s throats! Skin-dube!

The so called McCain people leaked that Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent; she thought it was a country. I doubt this is true. It was JFK himself who called Africa a country in the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy debate. Kennedy came off as a Neanderthal and Nixon appeared very composed.

Yes it’s also true that Mr. uh, Marxist uh, intellectual Obama makes frequent mistakes and your probably not going to see the NY Times doing any front page articles about any of it like they did with GWB. “Mark my words” (Biden) there will be mistakes as we’re all human. Let’s just see how the hard-left advocate media reacts to Obama’s mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Roy:

In reference to "The college president, Raghu P. Mathur, says he is seeking only to protect the school from unsightly clutter." haven't we been trying to do this for the last 10 or so years?You know, I consider that little troll to be "unsightly clutter" yet he & his buddies on the board keep bringing him back & giving him pay raise after pay raise. Gee, maybe if the board would just get rid of him we wouldn't have needed to put those signs in our windows.

Anonymous said...

"Does ironic mean that someone attacking others' errors (or perceived errors) spells "defense" as 'defence?' "

Let's see, 11:10, if I can make this any clearer. It was ironic that you (I assume) took umbrage at someone's attacking tb's stylistic error, when tb was himself originally attacking Obama for HIS stylistic quirk ("uh")--attacking style over substance.

Now you chime in again, attacking 6:51 for a perceived misspelling----once again, ignoring the substance of a comment about (real) irony while focusing on style, which was supposed to be 6:51's sin, and which was also tb's crime. So we have some double- or triple-irony here.

To make it worse: "defence" is the British spelling--not a misspelling.

Please, please get an education. Learning about irony is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Attacking Torabora because he spelled "faux paus" "foe paw" wrong is lame and wrong. And by the way, it's "faux pas," not "faux pax," as 10:47 wrote.

And 6:51 spelled "defense" as "defence." Last I checked, this was the U.S., not England, so 10:47 and 6:51 did misspell words after making fun of Torabora for doing the same thing.

That is irony, plain and simple.

Final thought: Torabora has a right to say what he said, even if he did have some words misspelled (as 10:47 and 8:26 also did).

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