Thursday, February 9, 2006

Thursday's odds 'n' ends

RADICAL ART REMAINS "DISAPPEARED." You'll recall that, not long ago, a painting was stolen from a wall of the Humanities Center at IVC. (See pic.) Given that it was the only object stolen, that more valuable objects were left unmolested, and, finally, that the work had a "radical" theme (concerning the plight of Latino men in California), it is reasonable to suppose that it was stolen--and subsequently destroyed--by a right-winger who was offended by its message .

As you know, the opponents of free speech and academic freedom on college campuses these days are a rude and crude bunch, and they aren't leftists; more often than not, when there's a brutish or ruthless freedom-stomping incident afoot, the culprit is a right-winger, like that UCLA knuckle-dragger who sought to pay students for recordings of "radical" professors' lectures.

The latter effort flamed out in a blaze of inglory. The knuckle-dragger lost most of his high-profile conservative supporters (Al Rantel, et al.), and he's having more trouble than ever acquiring "dirt" on left-leaning professors.

As far as I know, to date, the painting that was taken from the Humanities Center has not been recovered.

Today, I ran into Mr. Eugene Debs, who is familiar with the work and who offered me the following drawing of the piece for use in the blog:

In an effort to recover the piece, Mr. Debs will post signs around campus that display his drawing and the following message:

A HANDICAPPED HANDICAPPED RAMP. Last week, we learned that several members of the board of trustees intend to spend as much as $20,000 (total) of taxpayer money to "conference" in sunny Florida in a fancy schmancy four-star hotel (March).

In the meantime, back at the colleges, there isn't enough money, evidently, even to maintain walkway safety!

Consider the "handicapped" ramp for the CEC temporaries at IVC. It's rotten and full of holes! Check out the pics:

I took these pictures a week or two ago. Last I checked, nothing's changed.

Hey, fixing the ramp isn't expensive and it isn't rocket science. Go buy some wood, cut it to size, and hammer it in. Then paint it. My old pop could do it for about a hundred and fifty bucks. Give 'im half a day. Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

I think I could come in with a bid lower than your father's! and I need the work!

Anonymous said...

Come on!

Surely the trustees own comfort and edification is more important than the safety of the students accessing a building!

Isn't this some kind of big violation of some kind of federal law insuring safe access?

Isn' it?

Maybe the money that was spent on the "sandbag attack" could have been used to fix the walkway?

Who picks up the bill for that panic attack anyway?

Doesn't the unsafe walkway lead to the same building with the leaves in the eaves, the broken window stuffed with beach towels and the general state of dismal disrepair?

I mean, I know this is public education but still the public deserves better.

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