Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hammering out differences, part II

A continuation of our coverage of the Feb. 13 "technical assistance" meeting--an effort to arrive at agreement re roles and responsibilities of constituent groups, etc., in response to Accred recommendations. See previous blog.

Chancellor Mathur's suggestions

Mathur's suggestions are his usual blend of inanity, New Agery, and jaw-dropping hypocrisy. One absolutely should NOT listen to these remarks unless one is prepared to hear such suggestions as that people should "be nice." Or: people shouldn't be so dang concerned about "law." Plus: no "personal attacks" (i.e., stop describing me so damn accurately).

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Senate Prez Wendy:

Pretty hard-hitting. I love the stuff about the appellate court's advice.
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Senate Prez Claire:

Claire offers further suggestions. It's great to see the two academic senates working so closely together!

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Union Prez Lewis:

Lewis is pretty soft-spoken, and so my camera's mike didn't pick up his voice very well. Luckily, I have his remarks in handout form (click on the image to make it larger):

...More coming tomorrow...

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