Monday, November 16, 1998


The original “Board Majority” comprised Williams, Frogue, Fortune, and Lorch. The roughly unified “Board Minority” comprised Hueter, Lang, and Milchiker, until Hueter’s departure at the end of 1998.

Hueter did not seek reelection owing to serious illness. Nevertheless, until the end of her term, when she was quite debilitated, she did whatever she could to oppose the BM's disastrous agenda. She is a very nice lady.


Joan Hueter’s statement (on the occasion of announcing her retirement from the board):

“Recent decisions made by some of the trustees have resulted in dismantling of outstanding educational and administrative structures at Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College. Nearly all of the most talented managers have left the college district because of micromanagement and poor judgment by some trustees and their appointees. The state of California is closely examining financial, educational, legal and administrative actions taken—sometimes in secret.

“The newly elected trustees must be prepared to demand adherence to laws and established procedures in determining appointments, assignments and curricular decisions. They must work diligently to prevent further erosion of the reputation of the colleges and morale of the staff.

“It is an embarassment that this $72 million district with its excellent, dedicated faculty, gifted administrators and able students could attract only nine applicants for the position of chancellor in a nationwide search. The public must pay closer attention to the candidates for election in November to make certain that the public interest and not special interests are represented by the board.”

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