Saturday, March 8, 2014

Adventures in Babbittry and self-promotion

     Unlike the Better Business Bureau, which pursues the interests of both the public and businesses, the Chamber of Commerce pursues the interests simply of businesses. Because we live in a region dominated by Republicans and their notion that businessness is next to godliness, there are many among us who will be impressed by that fact. I am not among them.
     No one, I suppose, will be surprised to learn that Glenn Roquemore, President of Irvine Valley College, is on the Irvine Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He doesn't seem to stand for anything, oh, educational or collegiate. He does, however, warm to the world of commerce and the unimaginative, conventional, flag-waving crust that forms around its public face. Hence, he's very excited about, say, Astounding Inventions, a bogus "science and technology" event for kids, SWAT training in our Performing Arts Center for the OC Sheriff's Dept., and endless, supposedly patriotic 9-11 commemorations. Hell yes.
     Yeah, Glenn and the Chamber of Commerce. That makes sense.
     Here's the ICC’s “mission”:
“The ICC’s mission is to promote an economic climate that strengthens the competitiveness of local businesses while offering members a wide range of benefits, services, programs and information.”
     Do you suppose that that's Glenn's mission too? Could be. It would explain a lot.
     I noticed that he’s mentioned in the latest Irvine Chamber of Commerce Weekly:

     Isn't that the old Fluor Daniel Building? Are they calling that thing "IVC" these days? Golly.

     Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Saddleback College President, Tod Burnett—another remarkably unacademic fellow—is on the board of directors of the South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce. That's not surprising. Old Tod seems to like to spread himself thin.
     Guess what! The Todster will be offering the keynote address—entitled “A Bright Future for the CCCAA”—at the CCCAA annual convention, which will be held at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel from April 1-4.
     The CCCAA is, of course, the California Community College Athletics Association. For some reason, Burnett's all about the CCCAA. Go figure.

     Be sure to monitor Burnett’s continued association with the dubious L&L Magazine, including a “message in a bottle,” a video about 9-11 and such, in which he wisely opines that “Really the enemies are within ourselves.”

     Both Burnett and Roquemore are quoted in a mid-February UCI publication about the “Solar Decathlon”:

UC Irvine to lead “Team Orange” at Solar Decathlon 2015:
     UC Irvine and three fellow Orange County campuses will compete in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2015, the international student competition to design and build the best solar-powered home. Chapman University, Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College will join UC Irvine as “Team Orange” to create a residence that reflects the traits of the drought-resistant, sun-loving California poppy.
. . .
     Irvine Valley College President Glenn Roquemore said, “The students, faculty, and staff of IVC are proud, ready and eager to participate in the Solar Decathlon with our team partners. It’s a great opportunity for our alternative energy, engineering, business, environmental and design programs to participate in this wonderful demonstration project that will no doubt be a profound and memorable experience for us all.”
     “It is a true honor that Team Orange has been selected to compete in the Solar Decathlon, and I look forward to working with our colleagues to demonstrate the remarkable creativity and talent of our students and faculty,” said Tod Burnett, president of Saddleback College.


  1. Actually that was Fluor Corp. HQ. Fluor Daniel was a temp corp name/subsidiary change. The whole complex was sold to Trammel-Crow in 1986. Fluor leased back what it needed. Then built a new facility in Aliso Viejo in 1998 before relocating it's HQ to Dallas. The Jamboree property was then changed to Park Place. it has been resold a couple of times since.

  2. sorry, more than you wanted to know. I'll shut up now, lol,

    1. I appreciate the details. --RB


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