Thursday, December 12, 2013

Locke out!

The now-familiar IVC "perp walk"
Helen Locke
     Chancellor Poertner just sent out an announcement concerning the availability of the agenda for the Dec. 16 meeting of the SOCCCD BOT (on Monday).
     I noticed this item listed on the agenda for the closed session:
A. Public Employee Employment, Evaluation of Performance, Discipline, Dismissal, Release (GC Section 54957) (3)
. . .
2. Public Employee Employment, Evaluation of Performance, Discipline, Dismissal, Release (1)
a. Director, Student Life (IVC)
     As far as I know, the current Director of Student Life at IVC is Helen Locke.
     Many sources have informed us that she was escorted off campus yesterday.
     Naturally, we've received no explanation whatsoever from IVC admin. We don't expect to.
     It's IVC.
IVC, land of mysterious and unexplained disappearances


  1. really????? wow.What's going on??

  2. Linda Fontanilla is going to cause a lot of problems for IVC. Since she's been at IVC the Vet center has been destroyed, two long time employees have been fired. She bad news.

  3. It's a political lynching on trumped up charges against a highly-competent and experienced employee who has dared to question Rocky's questionable actions. Now that he has that 3-year contract extension in his back pocket, he's on a rampage to purge his perceived political enemies. Darryl and Helen are just the beginning. Concerned staff should show up and speak out before the board goes into closed session on Monday night (5 p.m.).

  4. Stand together or let him hang you separately. Helen knows too much that Glen has forgotten.

  5. Details, please.

    And remember how pissed Glen is at those who went against him last Spring at Grimm's tenure review. He's out to get you.

  6. After being a stalwart ally for years, Helen was showing increasing independence and voicing her opinions about some things. Glen does not tolerate difference of opinion even though he is always asking people to voice their opinions. So he fires you on the day before the campus holiday party. Scrooge.

  7. I can't wait to see who Linda F and Glenn have selected to replace Helen. Someone from the outside of course....maybe from Cuesta or Mt. Sac? After all that is where all the great employees come from, right?

  8. Yeah, like we are really going to ask questions of Linda about what happened so that it can happen to us next. I don't think so! Thanks for the email though!

    Why make everyone walk into her office or send her an email in order to find out what happened? Why not tell the community Glen? If you can write that email, you can tell us what happened.

  9. Helen was was a strong Raghu supporter during the dark days at IVC. No tears here!

  10. Well, 10:23, that's a pretty mean spirited comment.

  11. 10:23 After a lifetime of service, you reduce it to that? Rocky was a Goo Goo Boy himself. She'll get canned on trumped up charges so Rocky can spend the student's money.This stinks!


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