Friday, February 22, 2013

Lariat highlights Grimm

Amy Grimm
Susan Boettger
     Here’s a four-month-old Lariat article about one of the probies, in IVC’s School of Fine Arts, whose TRCs (tenure review committees) recommended not granting tenure. As a result, her name (and the name of the other 4th year Fine Arts probie) do not appear on the agenda item for Monday’s board meeting, recommending tenure.
     The case against these two women, I’m told, does not concern deficiencies in their teaching; rather, it concerns their alleged failure to be sufficiently collegial. Supporters, please be aware that the closed session begins at 5:00 p.m. There will be an opportunity to address the board before it retreats to that session.

IVC offers access to museums and galleries through new art program - Thursday, October 18, 2012

     IVC Art History Professor Amy Grimm is currently heading a newly developed program in Applied Museum Studies that is exclusive to Irvine Valley College.
     Grimm offers students the opportunity to go behind the scenes in Galleries and Museums by gaining valuable knowledge from experts and hands-on experience.
     “The key elements are we are not just working not just in the classroom, but we are actively in the field talking to experts who do this type of work,” Grimm said.
     According to Grimm, Orange County and neighboring cities offer great opportunities for museum visits and guest lectures.
     “Because of the area that we are in (Orange County) we have an embarrassment of riches. We have so many fantastic museums here, plus in greater San Diego, Los Angeles and Palm Spring areas. We’re kind of spoiled here, but in a good way,” she said.
     Grimm’s experience in the museum field spans over 15 years.
     She has worked in the Albany Institute of History & Art, the South Carolina State Museum, the El Paso Museum of Art and recently the Long Beach Museum of Art.
     Representatives from LACMA, The Hammer, OCMA and among many others are set to visit IVC for students to hear from those working inside museums and galleries.
     “We are working with people who are at the top of their careers. We have some great colleagues who are the best of the best to come and spend time with us and my students which is pretty fantastic,” said Grimm.
     The Museum Applied Studies program is still new to IVC, but the response has been positive according to Grimm.
     “We are getting good feedback from working professionals to help make our students more marketable," she said. "Our students are really going to have a competitive edge."
     Grimm begins teaching Collections Management (ARTH 115) this Friday, Oct .19 in IVC.

The President on vacation with another probie.
His TRC recommended tenure.


  1. What the f***does sufficiently collegial mean? Sounds like a sufficient amount of bullshit.

  2. Who is the other probie who got screwed?

  3. SEE here. IVC Fine Arts (3rd year list from last year)

  4. A friend relates this tale: at his college, admin were concerned about the tenure recommendation forwarded and so visited the instructor's classroom to observe for themselves. What they saw (over time) was a very competent and professional professor in action - which confirmed a sneaking suspicion that the failure to recommend was a kind of personal vendetta rooted in personality, not professionalism.

    The college admin then had to mediate a difficult meeting where all of this spilled out but it was worth it; the college retained a qualified, talented instructor, a dysfunctional department began to mend itself (not easy, I know) - and the college avoided a costly lawsuit where all of this (and more) would come out. I think they extended the tenure review process in this case, replacing the original members of the committee with new people.

  5. So faculty can not be granted tenure even if they are good teachers and fulfill their job duties as stated in the contract? The loophole of subjective "collegiality" and "fit" is that great? I hope the faculty and the Association turn out in groves to support Professor Grimm during the public comments at Monday's Board meeting.

  6. Where is the dean on this one?

  7. So the administration allows the bullies on the tenure review team to force a vote to keep a good teacher from being tenured under the guise of "collegiality". What a joke...the association should definately show up Monday night and embarass the S..t out of the IVC administration in front of the Board. This is a new Board and they will take note of the problem.

  8. When does Glenn's contract come up for review??

  9. Collegiality???? Are you kidding me, go to the A100 building and see if anyone says "Hi" or even acknowledge your existence. The building should be renamed "the Void"

  10. Email communication are subject to subpoena - which will make the collegiality charge really interesting when one see how "collegial" others are. Of course, these kinds of subpoena get even more interesting when other issues are revealed by accident. Unanticipated collateral damage can occur this way. I'm thinking cheerleaders.

  11. It sets a scary precedence if they deny 4th year faculty tenure after 3 years of good reviews and demonstration of being accomplished faculty members. Where is the union on this?


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