Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wagner at the scholarship ceremony

A reader alerted us to the existence of this video of comments by SOCCCD Board President Don Wagner a week ago at the Saddleback College scholarship awards ceremony. I've been told that Wagner's remarks angered some in attendance.

As you know, Trustee Wagner is a member--indeed, he is on the board--of Education Alliance. Among the planks of the EA platform is the following:
All educational processes necessarily impart values of some sort to their pupils. We reject the fallacy that it is possible to educate children in a "value neutral" manner. It is no more possible to govern schools in a "value neutral" manner than it is to govern an entire nation or state in such a manner. Likewise, just as it is not possible to govern an entire nation or state that is in anarchy, it is not possible to govern a school system or a class that is in anarchy and where discipline is neither maintained nor enforced.

We do not support teaching religion in our schools. Liberal defenders of an education system devoid of values charge that the teaching of values is somehow synonymous with teaching religion. We believe that this is a ridiculous [sic] and is designed by the defenders of the educational status quo in an attempt to deflect attention from their own failures.


  1. Awwww, poor little liberals, we wouldn't want to offend anyone.

  2. Trustee Wagner's comments were respectful and dignified. Just because some may not agree gives no cause not to speak your beliefs. I suppose the lemmings of this blog would be applauding if the comments made were contrary to America's core beliefs and values, especially if they were made by a like minded ideologue. Were is all that tolerance the left keeps harping on? God bless America and God bless the First Amendment.

  3. Gosh, I thought my post was pretty "balanced," as they say. I mean, I went out of my way to quote EA's not supporting "religion in the schools." And, for the record, I entirely agree with their point about "value neutrality" being impossible. Did I say otherwise? I did not.

    Learn to read, my Neanderthal friends.

  4. Hey, 5:53 -- you're right, God Bless the First Amendment, which includes the separation of church and state clause.

  5. What on earth does this mean?:

    "America's core beliefs and values."

    Serious question. I'd really appreciate some thought put into a reply.

  6. That's some wag, that Don Wagner.

  7. Was that a prayer or a speech?

  8. Whoever said schools were to "teach values"? Seems to be the family's job. Teachers have enough to do.


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